Tickled In Stocks

I think the most preferred way for me to be tickled would play out like this

Im sitting in a chair, with my hands tied behind my back and my feet in stocks. Slowely, the tickler would remove my shoe and start to tickle my striped stockinged foot. The would then take off my other shoe and start to tickle both feet, moving up and down on my soles, spending the most time on my toes and after teasing me with that, they start to use feathers and other objects and start to move up my legs to the backs of my knees. Not being satisfied with my howls of laughter, they would lift up my shirt and blow rasberries on my belly while moving up and down from my hips to my ribs(feathers optional). By that time I figure I'd be crying with laughter and about to wet myselfXD.

themysterioustickler themysterioustickler
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I love to tickle soft, smooth, beautiful women's feet, especially in nylons. But i love women to tickle my feet even more, almost to the point of tickle torture. Th e problem is that I've never been able to find this woman.

:nods: umhmm.

would you tickle other people??