My Self Bondage Adventure - Trapped

My name is Geoff and I'm a male in my mid forties and I reckon I'm in pretty good shape. I was married but after a few years my wife and I decided to part company. I was devastated at first but then decided to get on with my life. Our sex life had been reasonable but at least now I could explore my quirky interest in bondage. This is largely a true story
I found the internet a great source of inspiration and ideas and after compiling some equipment I decided to find a partner to share my enthusiasm. Alas I found that either I wasn't very good at this or I scared them off by being too enthusiastic with my suggestions. I had a couple of limited successes but they didn't last long.
In frustration I read some stories about self bondage that stayed nagging in my mind so I decided to give it a go. I flat with Adrian who is in his mid thirties but he was often away on business trips. I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing this even in my bedroom if he was in the house.
I impatiently waited for him to go away on his next trip so that I could try my new adventure. Finally the day came and I raced home from work with my heart racing with excitement. My first session was a bit of a charade because I hadn't thought enough about release methods. It's easy to put yourself in self bondage but of course you have to have some way of getting yourself free. Anyway I wanted to experience the sensation of being in bondage even if I could get free whenever I choose to.
I tied two cords with nooses to the bed posts at the foot of the bed and placed a pair of hand cuffs around the rail of the bed head. I found myself getting very turned on and excited with all this preparation and hurriedly took off all my clothes. I lay down on the bed and placed my feet in the nooses which spread my legs really wide and I wondered if they were too wide to be comfortable but decided to continue. I checked the key to my handcuffs was under the pillow and within reach and then reached to imprison my hands in the cuffs. I hesitated and decided to give my **** a few strokes to make sure I would be good and frustrated. My frustration and excitement grew alarmingly quickly and I had to force myself not to just keep going and ******.
As an after thought I wrapped a hand towel firmly around my **** and reached up and then placed my hands in the handcuffs. They made a wonderful clicking noise as I closed them around my wrists. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was at the mercy of a beautiful woman who was tormenting me and found myself getting very excited and frustrated again. I moved my hips and thrust upwards trying to get enough friction from the towel around my **** to ***. This was hopeless of course and was to no avail and only made me more desperate to ***. After twenty minutes or so I released myself from the handcuffs and wanked myself to a very satisfying ******.
Although this was exciting and fun, I wanted to take the next step where a release mechanism would determine how long I would have to wait to get my hand around my ****. I read up some more about this and decided a key frozen in ice was the best method.
The more I planned and prepared for this adventure the more my anticipation and excitement grew. I thought long and hard about a safety back up plan, taking heed of the warnings others have written on the internet about things going wrong and not being able to get free. Adrian was going to be away for a week on his next trip, and anyway I would have died of humiliation had it been necessary for him to rescue me should the worst occur. I was certain I could do this safely on my own, but decided it would be stupid not to have a back up plan.
The only person I could turn to was Julie. She had been a friend for many years, and although a few years older than me we had a great relationship. We could discuss anything, but I had not told her about my bondage escapades, however unbeknown to me, she had her suspicions. We had never had sex together, although it had come close a couple of times after a few drinks.
I decided I wouldn't tell her what I was up to, but invite her up for dinner to arrive an hour after I expected the release mechanism to work. I was sure I would be free long before Julie arrived and that would be a pleasant finish to my adventure. But if by some misfortune things went wrong, at least I wouldn't be stuck, however humiliating it would be.
I wanted to try my next session standing up and I wondered how I was going to explain the hook in the lounge ceiling. Oh well, I would deal with later. I asked Julie to arrive at 7:30pm so that meant I planned to be free by 6:30 and I wanted to be in bondage for about an hour. I also told Julie to go on inside if I didn't answer the door and the spare key was stashed in its usual place.
I raced home at 4:30 laid out the equipment, then had a shower, my anticipation and excitement increasing all the time. This time I was really going to do it, put myself in bondage that I couldn't just escape from whenever I liked.
I took my frozen key out of the freezer. I had partially fill a small sealable plastic bag with water then folded it in half with the key in the crease and frozen it. This meant I couldn't get at the key until it thawed. From trials I found this would take between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the room temperature.
With my heart pounding I tied a length of strong washing line rope with handcuffs attached, to the ceiling hook at a height I could comfortably reach with my arms stretched upwards. The ice containing the key was also tied to the hook just out of reach of my fingers in such a way that the key would fall into my hands when the ice thawed. I had tried this out without locking the handcuffs many times and it worked flawlessly, so I had absolutely no doubt, I would have had my fun and be free long before Julie arrived.
I ******** off my clothes and stood naked and realized my body was trembling with excitement. I stood beneath my dangling handcuffs and strapped a leg spreader to my ankles to keep my legs wide apart to reduce my mobility and increase the feeling of being trapped with no control. Hands shaking, I realized all was ready and the moment had arrived. My **** felt like it was about to burst as I gave it a few quick strokes to heighten my arousal then quickly reached up and locked my hands in the cuffs before I chickened out.
It took me a few minutes to come to terms with what I had done but I was soon overtaken by the excitement of being in bondage and already, the increasing urgency to ***. The helplessness of my position added to my self inflicted sexual torture which caused my hips to gyrate in a futile attempt to find relief. My legs were held apart by the spreader so no chance of trapping my **** between my thighs. I was lost in the pleasure of the moment with my imagination starting to work overtime. Imagining a beautiful woman with carrying a whip tormenting me, and anticipating the ****** I would have when I got free when suddenly I thought I heard a noise that rudely jolted me back to reality. Did I imagine it?? Oh no, a knock on the door. I shot a futile look at my handcuffs and realized that I wasn't going anywhere. Minutes passed and I started to breathe easier because whoever it was had obviously gone away. Whew. But oh no, I hear the rattle of a key in the door. ****, it can't be Adrian, and the only two people that know where I stash a spare key is Julie and Steve, another good friend. Whoever it is, this is going to be very humiliating and embarrassing. I couldn't even contemplate who I would rather it turn out to be.
Hoping it was Steve who had decided to let himself in and have a drink while waiting for me to come home, I decided to try my luck and called out that I was busy right now and could he come back in an hour, hoping Steve might think I had and woman with me and do the buddy thing and go. I had hardly got the words out when the door to the lounge started to open very very slowly. With my heart racing I waited to see the face that would inevitably appear. Being seen like this was going to be the most embarrassing moment of my life.
Finally after what seemed to be an eternity Julie's face appeared around the door. I think I was a little relieved that it wasn't Steve, however Julie had never seen me naked before let alone tied up and helpless. I watched her intently with my humiliation washing over me as she walked towards me and waited for her first words. I feebly asked her to go away and come back later knowing that probably wasn't going to happen. I became aware that Julie was looking straight at my face and up at my handcuffs and not down at my nakedness. Julie finally spoke saying "well Geoff, I've had my suspicions that you were getting up to something like this so I thought I'd arrive early to see". "You being so definite about the time I should arrive gave you away". I couldn't think of what to say so mumbled something about her being my safety net. She replied that I could have just asked.
I noticed that she had continued to focus just on my face and hands so I naively thought she would was doing this to not cause me any greater humiliation and she would simply free me. I asked her to take down the plastic bag and get the key by running hot water over it. Her response was, "maybe". It was then that I realized Julie was playing a game with me by tormenting me with her eyes. She kept staring into my eyes, then down to my shoulders and then back up to my hands, taking care not to look lower than my chest.
My 'hard on' had gone limp immediately when I heard the knock at the door, but her teasing with her eyes was making my treacherous **** get hard again even though I was trying to will it not to. Oh god, what would she think when she finally looks down, the humiliation of it all.
Julie looked at how I was trussed up and said "very ingenious" and asked "well, what do you want now". She had a devilish look on her face I had never seen before and said "you choose, I can go away for an hour and you can free yourself as planned or," with a even more devilish expression said "I could stay and participate in your little game"
My mind was racing, I could tell her to go away, free myself, **** myself off and then enjoy dinner with her. But the alternative was very exciting and my **** was now pulsing with excitement. I asked her weakly what she had in mind if I said "yes stay". She cut me off abruptly and said "it's a yes or no answer, and if it's yes stay, I will do whatever I fancy and I won't allow you to change your mind so you better be sure".
The excitement inside of me wouldn't allow me to say no so I nodded yes. Julie the insisted that I asked her to stay and say that she could do anything she liked with me in full. After a moments thought I did as she asked. "Right" she said, then you won't need these then, and reached up and pulled away the plastic bag with the key and threw it into the sink in the kitchen. Suddenly I felt completely trapped but very excited with it.
Julie came back from the kitchen still taking care to focus only on my face and came up to within a metre of me. She then smiled watching my face intently and said "what have we here then"? As she said this, and without looking down she reached out and lightly grasped my ****. I couldn't help but gasp. Nothing had ever felt so good or intense. It was electrifying and I thought I was going to *** right there and then. She then very slowly looked down from my face to her hand grasping my **** and said "well he seems to like the idea". I couldn't stand still and pleaded with her to make me ***. She smiled her new devilish smile and said "not likely, not yet, you gave me the right to make the rules remember". I groaned in frustration and then Julie announced she needed to go home to get changed and should be back within 30 minutes or so. I could not believe it and again I pleaded with her not to go. I begged her to ease my frustration and set me loose. She went to the door and stood there for nearly a minute just watching me and my gyrating hips, smiled and went out to her car and drove off.
Well this was far from what I had planned but it was certainly exciting and agonizingly frustrating waiting while contemplating my fate. Julie finally arrived back after what seemed like a year dressed in a flowing black gown that was open enough at the top to show the start of her breasts and glimpses of a black lacy bra.
She came over to me enjoying my very obvious discomfort and ran her finger nails lightly up and down my back and then my chest then moving down to my inner thighs down to my ankles being very careful not to come in contact with my ****. This caused a series of shudders of pleasure and frustration deep within me. Oh ****, I've never wanted to *** so badly.
I again pleaded with her to make me ***, but she instead ran her finger nails around my balls and lightly up and down the length of my ****. The effect it had on me was unbelievable and Julie smiled at her handy work.
She said" tell you what, since you want to *** so badly I'll pull your **** twenty times for you, but if you don't *** in that time you wait another five minutes for another twenty." I thought great, it won't take twenty pulls that's for sure. She asked if I was ready and said I had to count out loud and if I stopped counting she would stop pulling.
Julie started pulling my **** firmly and I started counting, Julie's lovely hands were doing a magnificent job and I could feel my ****** building to fever pitch. My God, almost there, "oh **** Julie, don't relax your hand now, keep a firm grip for Gods sake". Oh no, I forgot to count so she stopped. She smiled and laughed at me while I moved around in a hopeless despairing dance within the confines of my bondage. Julie had obviously figured out when I was about to *** and just reduced the friction to where I couldn't make it. This was the sweetest torture ever.
I now realized this was likely to be a long night. After I settled down a bit Julie asked if I would like her to bare her breasts for me. I enthusiastically said "yes please". "OK" she said, and with that devilish smile again started to undo her gown, but suddenly she stopped and went over to a bag she had brought back with her and took out a blindfold. She walked around behind me and put the blindfold on me saying "I said I'd bare my breasts, I didn't say you would see them".
When the blindfold was securely on me Julie took her top off and tormented me by rubbing her bare breasts against my chest, even allowing me to briefly suck her nipples at times. All through the evening she kept playing her game of twenty pulls to the point that I was almost glad of the blindfold because I was nearly crying in frustration. Julie teased and tormented me incessantly, keeping my arousal at fever pitch and helped herself to my bar until about 9:30pm. At one point she left me alone for quite a period so I asked her what she was doing. "Sitting on the couch watching you squirm" she said. I thought her voice sounded a little different.
By now I had been in bondage in a highly aroused and excited state for nearly three hours and I was just so desperate to ***. Finally Julie took off my blindfold. I was delighted to see that she hadn't covered her breasts she said this was it, and she was going to let me *** now. I franticly hoped she would, but didn't really believe her because I had been hearing that all evening and expected this would be yet another game of her twenty pulls and frankly I don't think I could have stood much more.
Julie demanded that I look intently into her eyes while she wanked me off and said if I looked away I would still be waiting to *** in an hour's time.
Julie commanded "count". "One" I said loudly looking into her eyes. She had an 'I'm in control and the most important person in the world to you right now' look on her face as she gripped my **** firmly and I started to rush towards ******. As the excitement grew I found it difficult to continue staring into her eyes. "Ten," I shakily called. "Don't look away, I can still stop if I want to" she warned. About three pulls after that sent me into orbit and I had the best, most intense and wonderful ****** I ever had in all my life. My legs went completely to Jelly and I was practically hanging by my hands.
Julie had a very satisfied smile on her face and gave me a wonderful kiss while I was still in bondage that I'll long remember. She got the key and released a very grateful and happy man. I figured I had experienced in all now. I thanked Julie profusely for her generosity and she said to let her know if I ever wanted to do it again because she too had enjoyed herself.
I had a sudden thought about how selfish and one sided this had been and told her so. Julie smiled and said "you don't know what I did on the couch while watching you gyrate in frustration blindfolded". She wouldn't say any more than that so I'll never really know. She did say that if I ever put myself in this position with her again she might or might not **** me so I better consider that. She was obviously enjoying keeping me guessing, and even suggested that I should contact her and get her instructions on how to tie myself next time.
Will I do it again, I can't imagine that I wont!!!!!!!!
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Excellent read.<br />
<br />
So have you seen Julie again and if so what happened?

That was so well written that I feasted on it for a week.<br />
Even after months I still find myself returning to pleasurable thoughts of this story.

I love it! That would have to be at the top of my fantasy list.

Great experience, one I think anyone into bondage, or submission would love to experience.<br />
Nice job of writing about it.

I agree. U are one lucky bastard. The only thing I would have wanted if it was me there would have been to have her tickle me insane.

You lucky, lucky bastard. LOL.<br />
<br />
My wife ties me to the bed but gets exited so the teasing does not last long before her needs take over and she has to have it. <br />
<br />
Leave a bowl of clothes pins out next time, nothing like a little pain to heighten the pleasure. LOL