Tied For A Reason

My wife started tying me up in order to make me submissive. The first time she came at me with a full set of female lingerie, I said "no way." She reminded me that I was wearing panties and a girdle, but I said that was just for my diet or at least that was what she had told me they were for.

So what's the big deal about wearing a bra and a slip?" she asked as if it was an obvious thing to do. I still adamantly refused her.

She shrugged and walked off. A few minutes later she came back offering me a drink.

I came to sometime later to find myself fully dressed as a female in dress, hose and heels. I was also tightly bound in and to a stright back chair. Coirls and coils of rope held me pinned to the back of the chair. My waist was compressed by the windings of rope about my middle and around the back of the chair. My legs were pinned in place with copious amounts of rope attaching them to the legs of the chair. My arms had been laid on top of the arm rests and then bound there.

I bould move my fingers and lift my toes and that was all. I could hardly move my head since the panties stuffed in my mouth were held there by severl turns of rope which passed through my mouth and held my hed pinned back against the high back of the chair. In front of me and to each side she had moved large mirrors so that all I can see was feminized me.

Finally she noted from one of the mirrors that she was watching me. Realizing I was aware of her she walked driectly into my line of sight. "You will find that you ARE going to do what I say. So either learn your lesson and get with the program or know that you are going to spend a lot of time like you are right now.

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Cool story. thanks for sharing!

I like it