Tied Her Down Naked And Spread Eagle

Me and my ex wife now, but my wife then were home alone one day when she started getting a little too sassy so I told her if she kept that up I would have to make her pay. She starting asking how would I make her pay and I told her probably she would get ******** naked and tied to the bed. Well, that did it. She cranked up her sassy train and went to tooting her horn. So I told her she asked for it and I commenced to taking off her clothes and of course she tried to resist.

Anyway, after she was completely naked I broke out the rope and tied her hands in a 10 and 2 position then I stepped backed and looked at her for a minute. I said well, well, look what we have here. A sassy lassy that would appear rather helpless to me. She was tugging on her hand ropes and flopping her legs around. I said, the funny part is that little miss sassy is only half tied yet but totally naked and still can't do anything about it. Well let me rephrase that. She can do one thing.. She can lay there fully exposed and totally helpless and just take whatever I decide is best for her now can't she? I was laying it on thicker and heavier as I went.

Then I said, well I guess it's time to move on with this little lesson in what happens to sassy's when they don't listen. She is still tugging and flopping and I grab one leg and pull it over to the side of the bed and slip the rope around her ankle and secure it down. I walk over to the other leg which is now the only one flopping around and I pull it over as far as I can and secure it down. I step back and look at her with her arms at 10 and 2 and her legs at the 4 and 8 position on the ole clock.

I said well, for some reason you just don't seem quite as sassy now. I hope you are all comfy in that little helpless position you are in there. Now, let me hear you say I was wrong to sas you sir and I will never do it again. She said, yeah right. You can hold your breath on that one. I said oh really? She said really. So you are not going to say it then? She said nope. I said well, maybe you will change your mind a little later and if you do decide you are ready to say it then that just may not be good enough anymore since you waited so long. It will most likely depend then on how enthusiastically you say it as to whether it will be good enough or not.

So, I will let you lay there for a while and think about that. Also, since you just don't seem to learn lessons very well I will also need you to think up several other things to say that will encourage me to untie you. She said like what? I said I don't know. Maybe something like, please sir, will you grant me the honor and privilege of allowing me to say that I have learned my lesson and I will never act in such a sassy way to you ever again. Let me see, possibly something like this. Sir, I now realize that you are the boss and what you say goes. I also realize that you know what is best for me and I will work extremely harder to comply with your wishes. From now on I will always do as I am told, when I am told and I will not question it or resist in any way, shape or form Sir.

She said you are crazy now let me loose. I laughed at her and said yeah right. I said I have got some errands to run so I will see you later. She said no way now let me up. I said yes way not gonna happen. I may be a couple or three hours so just sit tight there and do your thinking and practicing your begging and all. I told her that Lisa, the cute little strawberry blonde cashier at the corner store said she might call me when she gets off and we could have beer if I want to.. So if she calls me beings how you are all tied up I will probably take her up on that.

I knew this one would really get her and I just couldn't resist it. I said, I think she wants me to pound that thing for her and you look like you are in the perfect waiting position like you want a good pounding yourself. I will consider that after I get done with Lisa. So get your mouth ready too for when I get home. I will give you a good face bang first and let you lube it up good and you can let me know how Lisa tastes too. If looks could kill I would have died on the spot.

I said ok, gotta run. I walked out the door and waited about a couple of minutes and I stuck my head back in the door and said, oh by the way. The pest control guy called and said he would be by in a little while to spray the house. I told him just to come on in that we may be gone. I heard her hollering at me as I shut the door. I knew she was fit to be tied by now (no pun intended). I acted like I left by getting in the truck and cranking it up and just pulled it around back. I waited about 20 minutes I guess and I knocked on the front door and rang the bell a couple of times. Then I jiggled the key around in the lock so she could hear it and I eased the front door open. Our bedroom was fairly close to the front door and I had left the bedroom door standing wide open.

I walked the opposite direction from the bedroom and bumped around like I was spraying the house. She never made a peep. I worked my way around the house like I was spraying away. Then I walked toward the bedroom and stopped right outside of it where she couldn't see me and bumped around like I was still spraying. I peeked in the bedroom and she had her eyes closed. I thought, perfect. I stepped in and shouted OH MY GOD! She jerked her head up and opened her eyes like wide open and I just died laughing. She had this funny look on her face and then she started laughing. I said Maam, how will you be paying for the pest control service today, cash, check or a piece of a$$?

I will never forget that.
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6 Responses Jan 12, 2011

Why didn't you get a guy to come in and "seduce" her???

That's great, I'm cracking up over here. Good story!

Actually that wasn't the reason. We were pretty good at doing crazy stuff like that together. We both even laughed about that on several occasions after that happened.

Maybe that is the reason she is your ex-wife rather than wife.

Thanks for the comment Lavender 29. That was a truly unforgettable experience.

Loved this story! It definitly put a smile on my face! :)