I Want To Be Tied Down

I've never been bound for sex. I have fantasized about it a lot. I've tied a few women up and they liked it but none have ever tied me up. I think it would be awesome to be tied and blindfolded either lying down or standing up or bent over and used by a number people. Since I am blindfolded I won't know if it's a man or woman using me as their sex toy. I'd be willing to be sucked, ****** and even taken in the *** by vibrators, ******, strap-ons and even real dicks.
Bootydude Bootydude
56-60, M
4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

woo hoo. a real man

I've done this many times and live for the next time. It is always the best of the best and provides the biggest *******.

And that's exactly what I want to experience, at least once.

We could make your dreams *** true!

really? Do tell. :o)

Being tied up sounds interesting, not sure about the blindfold though. I've suggested it before but it hasn't happened yet.

I think the blindfold would add to the mystery and the intensity of the experience. Like I said, I wouldn't know who was using me.