I Want To Be Tied Down - Naked, Spread Eagle

I Want to Be Tied Down - Naked, spread Eagle! My wife just does not understand what I would like. I set it up so all she has to do is pull some cargo straps snug - I am then tied, Naked, Spread Eagle and perhaps blindfolded and possibly gagged. Then she can do whatever she pleases, tickle me senseless (I am very ticklish - and get excited just writing this) - ignore my protests - please ignore my protests! Tease me, bring me to the brink - or to ****** several times or maybe have sex, but exactly on your terms! Maybe you'll go out for the evening first - leave me wondering when (or if) you'll be back tonight!  Do I have to wait until morning? I have an itch! It's driving me crazy! Oh! Sounds like she's come back - something will happen soon, won't it? Definitely sounds like she's here, yes, oh-oh I thinks I should have been more careful for what I wished for!

howardtheduck56 howardtheduck56
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2 Responses Apr 8, 2010

WOW! almost exactly what I have done! except that I pull the straps tight before she finds me. AH yes, I have sometimes spent more time than I anticipated, spread eagle and naked. But that is also part of the thrill!<br />
Good Story!

You hit all the good thoughts, feelings, terrors and delights.<br />
It would work for me.<br />
<br />
When I am alone and tie myself up, I have to provide a way to escape. That limited risk used to be exciting enough. When my wife is around I find it much more heart pounding to physically put myself self at her mercy. Sometimes without her knowing it, I use chains and padlocks so that I can not escape until she unlocks me<br />
<br />
My wife doesn't quite get it, but she sometimes tolerates it and occasionally even plays along. . I never know if she will be miffed at me, or a little playful, or just plain ignore me for hours, or all the above. That makes it more exciting.