Tied Up In High Heels

i am a guy that likes women's shoes and high heels i was up in my room i wanted to tie my self up i found same high heels in a old bedroom  i put them on i liked the way they felt on my bear feet i tied my feet then my hands i did not use a gag
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Love your story. Please share more. I would like to know if u have done this again.

I would love to do it again but It is kind of hard to do

Why is that?

i leave with my mom and dad they would not understand

they do not know i like the feel of women's shoes

Ah. That is a problem. Please keep trying.

do they make size 11 women's shoes

Yes they sure do.

i would like to buy a pair but i don't how i would get them past my mom and dad

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I love wearing my high heels.

i wish i could do it again

heels are so good aren't they, I love the way womens shs look so good on you

it was my first time with them on

when i was a little boy i look at girls feet i liked the shoes they had on when i got older i was women's shoes i have same thing i want say but i don't how

i am not a woman but i would love to tie you up

i would love that where are you from

i live in texas for now you can message me if you want to know more

i live in north carolina my email is 14gameboy@gmail.com if you want to email me

i would love to talk to you if you to that is why i put my email on here

how do i message you

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