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The Greatest Feeling In The World!

Ever since I can remember I have thought about being bound and gagged by a woman every single day of my life. Every woman I see I have a quick vision in my mind of being tied up by her. I don't know why I have felt this way all my life but I don't care anymore. I have made it my focus to be tied up by as many women as I can.

Early on I tied myself up all the time. Sometimes I would do it with the photo of a good looking woman nearby so I would fantasize that I was tied up by her. My self bondage sessions would always end up in me ************. The feeling of being tightly restrained by a woman and at her mercy is something I just can't describe.

When I first saw a man tied up by a woman which was on the movie "Planet earth" I was in shock and everytime since that I'm still in shock. It took me a long time before I would admit to or talk to any woman about tying me up but as I got older I realized that this feeling is not uncommon and that alot of people supress the desire to be tied up because they think it's not normal.

I so desperately wanted to experience the feeling of bondage that a long time ago I finally got up the nerve to ask to be tied up. I asked in a way that I thought would not show my fetish for it but I think my excitement my have given it away. Either way once I made the decision to ask, I didn't care what she thought. It was my sister that I asked. I asked her to tie me up because I was doing a houdini trick. Lame excuse. Well, I got the rope and we went in my bedroom. The anticipation of knowing that I was going to be bound at the hands of a girl was so intense it was like an out of body experience.

My sister took the ropes and to this day I'll never forget how I felt as she began tying first my wrists together and then my ankles. I must say she did a good job. Not quick and half assed but very secure and she took her time. She got up, smiled and left the room. I layed there on my bed and just savored the feeling for as long as I could. I just kept telling myself, "I'm tied up!". Well, the feeling was just too overwhelming and I **********.

Since then I never got the nerve up again to ask or anyone else to tie me up until I was much older. I had always hoped that it would just happen. Finally I realized that it is okay to want to be tied up and since then I have been tied up by 3 girlfriends and my wife. I talked one of the girlfreinds into handcuffing me and I spent the whole morning naked and with my hands cuffed behind my back while we had sex. (that was the longest I had ever been restrained. The feeling of having no use of your hands for that long by a beautiful woman is fantastic!) I talked another girlfriend into tying my hands behind my back with rope and blindfolding me during sex and over the years I have talked my wife into tying me up, gagging me and blindfolding me in almost every way possible but there are still a few positions I need to try. I found that most women actually find it erotic or kinky to tie up their man beacause they like the control. There was only one girlfriend that didn't seem too keen on the idea but I finally got her to tie my hands behind my back with rope while she gave me head one time.

To this day I still want to be tied up by a woman without having to ask for it. I want a woman to come up and forcibly tie me up so I can experience the feel of actually being a woman's prisoner.
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I'd love to be bound, gagged and kidnapped by one of those (or group of) beautiful girls with hot bodies, beautiful faces and long, silky, shiney black hair.

Also my priority fantasy. Koreran, chinese, viet and thai girls are most special,. They are pros at tying and gagging unsuspecting male victims

I quite agree. Unfortunately I was not a forthright, confident egotistic, pushy child. I was the shy, introverted, low acheiver at school who was not good at sport, fighting, and most school subjects who was confused and excited by anything bondage and plimsoll. So I'd have never done what you said regrettably :-(

That's too bad but I understand the embarrassement part which is why I never asked my sister to tie me up again. Too bad you couldn't have challenged her and said something like "Tied up by you? A girl? You couldn't tie me up tight enough, I'd get myself free, you're just a girl". At that she would more than likely say, "Oh yeah? Well we'll just see about that!"

Ah, well, the Sister thing was this. <br />
Since I can remember I carried bizzare compulsion to be tied up and gagged and always wearing white rubbertoe school plimsolls. To let this known to ANYONE would be more than I could bare, so back then it was unthinkable. I was six and knew nothing about anything, particularly all things fetish, sexual, and bondage; all words I had never heard of or would have understood. I think we were playing with a skipping rope (rope ummmn) when something happend and I inadvertantly became tangled. I do not remember how I may have showed a secret desire to be "tied", it may have been a subconcious sign put out through me and picked up by my more alert sister (3 yrs older, and yes I am the youngest and freak of the family with all the dodgy dna, baldness, shyness, you name it) but anyway she said something along the line of "oh, do you want to be tied yp?" At hearing this I instantly declared "No"! It would have been too embarrassing and I did not understand WHY I wanted to be tied up desperately. Does that fill you in enough?

And by the way, how did you accidently show an interest in being tied up and was it with your sister?

I'm so glad I finally got up the nerve to ask my sister to tie me up. My big regret is that I couldn't get up the nreve to ask her again and maybe even simply admit I enjoyed that first time and wanted it again. Maybe I was ashamed because when she tied me up the experience made me sexually aroused and I ***********. Either way I wanted more. Lots more. When she first tied me up it was a simple tie with my ankles bound and my wrists bound in front. Although it was great for the first time I eventually wanted to be tied up like a hostage with my hands tied behind my back, my body bound with lots and lots of rope, duct tape, a tight gag and blindfold, tied to a chair, tied to a post in the ba<x>sement, hogtied, my hands tied over my head to the rafters in the attick, tied to a tree and yes, tied to the bed. <br />
<br />
Have you ever been tied up by a woman? The best way to get a woman to tie you up is to work into it slowly. There are several ways to do it but it depends on the situation and circumstances. It's not a good idea to come out and say the truth, "I have this raging fetish to be totally bound and gagged by women because it turns me on sexually, Will you tie me up?" If you see your woman with rope or something similar say , "Oh no, you're not going to tie me up are you?" Hopefully she might say something like, "Mmm, maybe I will that sounds like fun" Now, you've broken the ice. There's a ton of things you can say now that will hopefully get her to tie you up for the first time. Try, "I've always wondered what it would be like to be tied up, I've never been". Most women love to be the first one to try things with a man that he's never tried before when it comes to sex. If you ever do finally get tied up be sure to show your woman that you really enjoyed the experience like if you didn't expect it to feel that incredible to be this beautiful woman's captur and and that she did and amazing job of tying you up and that you want it to happen again.

I have the same drives and compulsions. You at least have fulfilled them with a willing partner. <br />
I have always wanted to be tied and gagged and over several or more years this has developed into a scenario where I am tied and gagged by a woman. Whether she has sex with me is another thing because my desire is to be bound and gagged and to squirm under the complete power of being helpless and having power removed from you by a woman. <br />
A lot of what you said has made sense; you were very brave to ask your Sister. I shuned away immediately when I accidently showed an interest in being tied up when I was about six because I knew it was not normal. Back then and until recently I thought I was the only one wanting to be bound and gagged like I want to be; shows how unique I am not.