I Want To Be Tied Up

I love the feeling of being helpless. And would love for some man to grab me and tie me up. I want him to tie me up lightly at first to see if i escape then tie me up tighter and tighter, til i can't escape no more.
JordynLove JordynLove
22-25, F
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Hi you still want to be made into a plaster mummy
Mistinabondage3 now please add me

you need to see the post someone sent me

That requires a lot of trust

yes that would ...but looks amazing.
When I play I have a safe word or sound (as you will be gaged) as soon as I hear it every thing stops and you are freed No Matter What


I love the idea of you tied and getting free only to be tied up tighter then you ever thought you could be

That is my dream

we are so close we can make it happen

Maybe we will

I so cant weight

I love your new profile pic

Thank you

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I'd love to tie you up, completely helpless and naked. Once I had you where we both wanted you, I'd tease you with my tongue o. You nipples, ***** , and ***, bringing you right to the edge of ******. After an hour or so I'd probably let you ***.

you better let me ***

Once you ***, I'm gonna make you *** over and over.


The thought of having you tied up while I lick you and make you *** is hot. I've never done it before but now I want to. See what you've done


Now I understand why you like the idea of it. Now I like tbe idea of it too. It's a shame we are to far away to try . I guess that's what fantasy is all about

yup :(

A 2 hour time difference means my tongue can't reach you from Vegas. :-(


Maybe someday baby

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can i tie you up and tongue **** all night ????


love to help you out and tie you up

oh boy, just remember to take breaks! lol

I volunteer! I''ll bring the rope.


I'd love to help you out...would you please add me?

naughty but sexy girl xxx