Latest Tickling Fun!

(Edit: I realise i go into a LOT of detail - But that is part in part with sharing epxeriences right?)

My second experience was intense, but interesting!

Since my last ticklish encounter my friend had bought some light restraints, that we had used on her to 'break them in' as it were. I had tickled her without mercy for a couple of hours and she had sworn her revenge on me, but my friend (For the sake of this story we will call her Emily, to be keep her identity hidden and incase she is reading this) My friend Emily likes to do things on much larger scales, so I was excited but extremely nervous at the same time as to what she had in mind! She told me what she expected, I was to be in nothing but a bikini as was she when we had our tickle session, but there was to be a little edge, i was to be blindfolded!

When the day finally arrived i was eagerly awaiting for what was to come! I arrived mid-morning at her house, but we didnt get straight into the tickling, much to my dismay but she kept teasing me, keeping me on the edge all the time, we were watching TV and my foot would be resting on the sofa, and she would stroke a finger down my sole or reaching over and squeezing my sides. I think as the hour passed we were both ready, so we went upstairs to her room to begin.

When i went into her room i saw her new toy immediately, a hook in the ceiling with a long cord hanging from it. She told me to stand underneath it, with my arms stretched above my head, she took no hesitation in tying the cords around my wrists making sure they were secure.
I was still dressed at this point in a low cut tank top and a mini skirt with black nylon tights. She stood behind me, telling me the blindfold would come in later. She ran her fingers down my upstretched arms making me shudder, before pausing for several seconds just above my underarms, she then dug all her fingers into my sensitive hollows, i shrieked pulling at the restraints, feeling my knees almost giving way under me, she then started to draw big, long circles slowly on my underarms, teasing me, before attacking me in a fast pace again. She then drew her fingers down my side over my tank top, moving to face me, she watched me in the restraints pulling on them, smiling evily at me trying to get away. She tutted, spiralling her fingers down my neck, i tried to shake my head side to side trying to dodge her moving fingers, before her hand trailed down to my chest tickling the top of and inbetween my cleavage, i giggled softly but i could tell my her expression she wanted to hear me scream, so she raised my tank top, revealing my belly, and i started to beg for her not to do it, she ignored me and danced her fingers along my stomach, digging her fingers into my side, i began to shriek again trying to move away from her fingers. I tried to keep her away by kicking up my legs, but she caught one, which mean i had to keep balance on one foot, she told me off for trying to kick her and told me i must be punished. She held my foot which was stll encased in the black nylon tights, and she stroked the arches of my feet, and attacking my heels, i apologised and told her i wouldnt do it again, She shook her head, and moved her fingers away from my foot up my leg, tickling me under my knees, i was laughing really hard as she continued up my legs to my thighs the tights made the sensations feel a lot more ticklish and i was beginning to struggle with keeping balance, she kept moving up and down my leg, as she was tickling my foot again i could see her looking at my under arms again, she said to me "Ask me to tickle your armpits" I shook my head fighting the laughter. She replied with, "Ask me to tickle your armpits, or i coninue with your feet" At this time it was almost unbearable, So i managed to splutter it out. She dopped my leg and approached me with her fingers wiggling making sure i could see it, she stood infront of me, her fingers centimetres off my skin, faint whimpers were escaping me, before she ran her fingers under my sensitive arms again, she teased me for about 10 minutes, before she decided that she would stop.

She untied me from the cord hanging from the ceiling but told me, not to relax just yet. She led me over to her bed where she told me to sit with my legs through the end of the bed, but before i did, i had to take off my nylon tights, i did so, making sure to obey her. She tied my poor feet to the end of her bed, seperating each of my toes, i knew what was coming next, before she continued she tied my hands behind my back so i couldnt stop her.
She dissapeared for a few minutes, before returning with something behind her back, she pulled it from behind her to reveal baby oil, i didn't know then why she had it until she started to apply it to my feet, massaging it in, i began to laugh,trying to curl my toes up, but it wasnt happening, she ran her fingers down my arches, up and down my feet, then she began to use her nails, scraping them up and down my feet, i screamed bucking on the bed, this was the reaction she wanted, she pulled out something from a box beside her, and pulled out a feather, she ran this in and out between my toes, the torment was insane but i was loving every second. She continued this stroking my foot with the the feather, alternating with each foot.
This continued for a long time!

The next stage of the tickling was to top all others, i had to remove all clothes and continue to recieve the tickling in my bikini, i was shy at first because we made a rule, any exposed skin we can see during these session we can tickle. so i suddenly felt very vulnerable, i saw her bringing out the blindfold, and butterflys started to flutter in my stomach. She told me lay down on her bed, so i did. She outstretched my arms above my head, fastening them to the top of the bed, then she did the same with my feet, i was stretched out on her bed, i had seen this scenario on  various videos and it had always been in my darkest dreams to have the same thing done to me and now it was!
Before she put the blindfold on me, she told me there was another suprise downstairs, i had no idea what she was talking about, so she went to go fetch the 'suprise' she came back with a young man, and my heart sank when she introduced me to him. The man she had brought was Ben, she had told me about him a while back, Ben had, had a few tickling sessions with Emily and she had told me he was merciless, with very talented fingers, once you have had a session with him you never forget it. I pulled on the restraints trying to escape, telling her i had changed my mind. My mind was in a panic but my body was looking forward to this. She placed the blindfold over me, and i felt completely helpless, I didn't know what they were doing, I didn't know what was going to happen, then it began.

I felt something brush up against my bikini line, just along my waist, then stop, i then felt fingers, slide down my sides, making me burst into laughter, the unknown fingers skipped along my stomach, and i shrieked and thrashed, there was something about being outstretched and restrained made the tickling more intense. The fingers dug into my ribs, each and everyone, making it's way slowly up to my underarms, gentle touches were enough to send me into laughing fits, the gentle tickling didnt last long,  As the first person was attacking me in my upperbody, someone else was starting to work on my feet, I was now trying to fight off two feelings, as one tickled my stomach furiously the other one tickled my feet. The paused to let me breathe for a few seconds, before they started again, this time with feathers, The feathers teased me in the sensitive areas of my underarms whilst the other stroked my feet, the feather in my upperbody , swirled the feather, moving it into my cleavage, the laughing was becoming softer, as the other feather moved up my leg and brushed up along my bikini line, where the upper leg meets the crotch. The feeling was almost pleasurable, but then the feathers were ditched and they begain with there fingers once again, tickling every inch of skin they could see. I have no idea how long they had tickled me for, but it must have been over an hour.
The released me, and i layed there exhausted from the tickling session. I got dressed and we had a coffee. Laughing about what had just happened.
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Omg that is scary because im way too ticklish and if i was been tickled by that i would be screaming than laughing and i would feel my heart beat

Wow! Sounds like when 3 guy friends and I went to Disney
and when we got back to the room they hung me from my
wrists, (with soft leather cuffs that didn't hurt), from over
the bathroom door. To get to my soles they bent both
my knees and secured my legs with a belt so my foot
bottoms were facing upward. Then they tickled my pits,
ribs, belly, butt, (I was naked), pp and soles until I peed
and passed out, which was about an hour later. Vicious!

hey, id love to chat with you. you should add me.

You got a good tickling

Depends on how ticklish you are and where, but the more "ticklers"<br />
the more unbearable it becomes until they reduce you to a quivering<br />
mass of drooling hysteria. The most people I've had gang tickle me<br />
at one time is 8, and that night I wet myself several times, **********<br />
involuntarily 3 times and passed out from laughing so hard I couldn't<br />
breathe twice. The wicked part was not one of the 8 was ticklish, so<br />
they had no idea the horrible agony they were inflicting on me. Like<br />
most people they thought because I was laughing and screaming<br />
that I was having a blast but actually after the first ****** I thought<br />
I was dying for sure. Took me like 4 days to recover from it- my<br />
nerves were completely shattered, (they had me tied down naked).

I'm sure you've had lots of memorable tickle play dates since posting this story. I'd love to hear more...

that was a real turn on

cool.... could i try doing that to you? :)

I would like to be friends with you

lol you should have her tickle me :P

Outstanding depiction of a of a fantasy I have harbored for years. Thank you.


Sexy story. I attach a bar to the feet, when Hang tickling someone. It keeps them from kicking and moving around.

Very sensual detailed story, thanks for sharing and all of the sensual wonderful details.

Ohhhh.. I can just picture you bound body writhing and squirming so seductively against your restraints as we tickle and tease you! Hearing your sensuous giggles, laughter, begging and moans as your tender skin is carssed and played with! How wonderful!

When i write down the experience, re-living the tickling in my head - it makes me crave for the tickling to be real again! lol - you'd be more than welcome hehe.

Mmmmm... very descriptive and erotic! You're a very good writer... makes me imagine I was right there. And I'm wishing I was right there tickling you too! hehe