Rainy Saturday Afternoon

It's cold and rainy outside, which means it would be a perfect day for me to be tied up and tickled for a few hours. Sigh. There is no one to do it.

I wish that I didn't get so lonely for tickling. Fantasies are fine, and even cybertickling is all right once in a while--I indulged in some of that this afternoon. But to have someone who would regularly render me helpless and tickle me to death...that would be the ideal life for me.

As I've mentioned in other tickling posts, I once had a partner who was completely compatible with me in terms of tickling. For as long as our relationship lasted, he spent many hours a week tickle-torturing me to the nth degree. But we weren't compatible in other ways, and our relationship only lasted a few months. How I would love to have a "tickling buddy" again!
waynerman waynerman
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1 Response Mar 19, 2011

Hey waynerman, I'd love to be your tickle buddy! Add me so we can chat :)