Someone Who Understands!

Gawd, I fantasize about this all the time, it's something I've always wanted, only my best friend knows about this, but he doesn't tickle me over fifteen minutes and I think he feels too weird about it later, it's really easy to say I want to find somebody here who would want to do that to me, but we all know nobody is who they say they are and it's dangerous, I wonder if anyone else has these thoughts?
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I feel the same way, would love to meet up with people, but you never know who might be a criminal. Either way, I'd love to do that to you, and I mean it :)

I would happily share tickle fantasies with you. please add me xx

this sounds amazing, add me so we can talk more, you sound like a really cool girl too :)

Me too! Only I'm to scared to tell my best friend

Many of us that have a passion for tickling have had those same thoughts and fantasies for sure. It is hard to share this with those that don't really get it and trust me I have had a number of "WTF!!" looks when trying to You are also quite right to be cautious and skeptical, as it takes a ton of trust and mutual respect to place oneself in the hands of another to share this. I do hope that you are finding it easier to share here on EP as this surely is a great place to talk and get support from others that have had those same thoughts and experiences.

Hi there! If you add me, I have some good tickling information for you.

Are u in the south?


Ive long fantasized about doing this as well! Havent yet found someone willing or understanding either....where r u from?

I'd rather not say online,I know I haven't found that someone either XP

Im in ohio...r u anywhere close?

nope :(


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