I want to be tied up tightly like where is can't move at all. Big toes tied back where I can't scrunch my toes to protect the sensitive spot at the base of my toes. Maybe even where all my toes are spread apart and I can't close them. I want to be able to not move an inch where it's impossible to move. Arms tied over my head to where the skin under my arms is stretched taut. Then I want to be tickled this way for hours.
thatdrizzygrl thatdrizzygrl
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Ooooo the sensitivity of your underarms, you would be screaming and begging me to stooooop before I get through.


I would play your ribs like a piano and spend hours stroking your soles. lol

And I would love it

Sounds fun! Where do you live?

If you were closer I'd be happy to tickle you with torturous tickling.

What is your first name? Mine is Mike.


Ashley is a beautiful name. Do you have Yahoo Messenger? We can talk on the chat window there.

You are so beautiful and I would love to tickle you all night long.........Mike.

Well thank you! I would love that too

I would love to see some photos of your bare soles of your feet..........Mike.

looks we share a common interest. Want to chat?


ok just message me or add me and we can start