So I had another tickling experience last night. It was with the same guy I had my 1st experience with. On that 1st one, I had discovered I wasn't as ticklish as I thought, which was very disappointing. So I went this not expecting much. I

I wore athletic shorts and a tank top to leave vulnerable areas accessible. As soon as I got there, he immediately tied my arms above my head to the bed posts. He then immediately started lightly stroking my armpits and reaching down my shirt a little to stroke my upper ribs. I. Went. Nuts! It tickled soooo much more this time. I immediately tried to pull my arms down, but they were held fast with the binds.

After lightly drawing circles on my underarms with her fingertips for a while (which drove me INSANE), he went for my feet. He tied them together and then to the bottom bed posts. My feet the last time had been the least sensitive spot, so I wasn't that worried. When he first started using his nails to scratch, it didn't tickle. THEN he started scratching at the spot on my left foot right below my big toe. I thought I would come out my Skin!! I screamed and twisted, trying to pull my foot away. Once again, it did me no good as he kept using his nails to concentrate on that one spot for what felt like hours until I had screamed myself hoarse. He moved up to my toes and popped the first one in his mouth, using his teeth to lightly nibble on the pad of my toe. Once again I went crazy with giggles and twisting around trying to escape. Seeing that this was working, he put my second 2 toes in his mouth. I tried to scrunch my toes up to protect them, but he just used his nails on that spot below my big toe again and my body betrayed me! My toes spread out automatically. He got the 2 toes in his mouth, began to nibble with his teeth and slid his tongue between them. I never thought someone's tongue could tickle that much! He was still scratching that spot, so I couldn't scrunch up my toes. I had no choice but to lay there and laugh hysterically as he scraped his teeth along my poor toes and continued to scratch at my kill spot.

When he had thoroughly licked all of my toes, around and between them, he used his nails to tickle right underneath them and OH MY GOD it tickled so much more when they were all wet with his saliva!

When he finally finished with my feet, he untied me and had my turn over on my stomach then retied me. He pushed up my shirt in the back and began very lightly tickling the small of my back with his fingertips. Another VERY ticklish spot! The skin there seemed super sensitized for some reason!! He continues this method all the way up my back to my shoulder blades. ALL of the skin of my back was super super sensitive and I was giggling like crazy. He slipped his fingers into my armpits again, which again made me crazy as he dug in a little. Then he found ANOTHER kill spot, the sides of my neck. I tried desperately to pull my shoulders up to protect it, but he would just slide his fingers back into my armpits when I did this. He went back and forth between those 2 spots for a long time, and I was completely hoarse from screaming by this time and still rolling back and forth as much as I could in my bonds. There were some spots, like my armpits, right above my right knee, and my waist where we had to have a safe word bc it was just too intense for me in those spots after a few seconds.

What I'm interested to know, does anyone have any theories on why I wasn't very ticklish at all the first time, but this time I was coming out my skin screaming and going crazy?? The only things I did different was I shaved my legs and armpits and took a hot bath right before I went. But would that make my WHOLE body THAT much more sensitive?

All in all a great experience and I LOVED it. ;)
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I love your stories! I don't suppose these events ever get recorded

Not so far, but maybe soon! ;)

Sounds like lots and lots of fun!

This is an amazing post. I'm like you in that I'm not as ticklish as I'd like to be. A lot of it is nerves, but some of it is tickler skill. As he tickles you more he'll get WAY better too. he might have been more comfortable than the first time. ^-^ I'm a lee and ler, so I know these things. You sound like an amazing person, and hope we can talk sometime.


It was most likely that you were more comfortable with your tickler the second time around. The bath might have helped to soften and sensitize you a bit as well, and your tickler was also more familiar with your body and its ticklish spots. Don't think shaving had anything to do with it, though. God knows, as hairy of a dude as I am it's never saved me from being ticklish.
On a side note... Where in the hell are the women like you around Nashville?! I'm tickle starved over here!

Could have bee your level of comfort the second time around. First time eve if you think you were open you may have been a apprehensive. Even your mood that day can impact your experience. Either way. Sounds like you had a great time. If you're ever in hawaii is love to tie you up and give you what you long for. ; )
I think ticking is super sexy. Later as an alternative. Have hime ********** you while tickling or use a vibrator at the end of the session.

Well I have a boyfriend so that stuff isn't an option. I just like the tickling. Wouldn't mind having my **** tickled sometime, but it would have to be with a man who understood there would be no sex afterward or with a woman.

See that's right if it's ticklish tickle sex but lots of tickling its a win in my eyes

Make sure you share this with him. My wife and I have learned to explore and discover life together... Sometimes slowly, and sometimes not : )
Happy tickling.

Well, my bf thinks tickling is weird. One of my friends has an open ticklish fetish and whenever it comes up he always talks about how weird it is. So I can't tell him :/

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Luckiest guy on the planet!! 😍

Lol thanks

I just don't get why I was just sorta ticklish the first time, but last night every inch of my skin was so sensitive I could barely stand it