Can't Take It - So Please Force Me

I hate, hate being tickled. I'm really sensitive and can't help reacting. It also turns me on, a lot. The idea of being unable to get away, unable to make it stop, thrashing around as fingers exploit every sensitive spot, going nuts and losing all control and then that control being lost of my breathing, speech, movement and finally my bladder, squirting out in rhythm with my laughter - that idea makes me want to hide and run away and never be in that situation - and I also crave it and want to submit to someone I can trust utterly to take me somewhere more intense than anything I could make myself experience. Knowing that craving, when I cry, beg, the tickler just commiserates with how unbearable it must be for me, and tells me how they know I really want this and they get off on it and there is nothing I can do or say to make it stop.


and if that isn't the cruelest thing, if I was brought to ****** I'd be even more sensitive...

BlueDreamUK BlueDreamUK
41-45, M
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