Purple Velcro Cuffs

I have two pair of purple Velcro cuffs. Every so often, I am fortunate enough to be bound with these cuffs then tied to the bed in a spreadeagle position without any clothes and completely immobilized. Everything is "out there" to do as she pleases and she does just that.

I don't know how she found out that I was ticklish but it happened. I am reduced to hysterical laughter (told you I was ticklish!) complete with tears running into my ears. But there's another side-effect too. One that I absolutely love. I get hard as a rock! When I do, she climbs aboard and rides me as if she were a cowgirl.

Apparently, it get her turned-on too as within seconds, lots of warm, slippery juices flow from within her completely surrounding my shaven area and makes me even m ore turned on.

Just wanted to share that. I'll write more when time permits!
ticklishsoles ticklishsoles
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I have some velcro cuffs and swear by them. They take seconds to wrap around wrists and ankles. I hate safe words in my tickle bondage games but if I ever have to release a tickle victim quickly they are perfect for the job. I believe the more helpless a tickle victim is the more ticklish they can be. And when I can have a pair of ticklish feet helpless and exposed I can be most merciless with my gentle caresses. Velcro cuffs are awesome!

Oh. My. God! You spoke right to my heart. As a LEE my most ticklish areas are exposed and doubly ticklish when I am bound in this fashion. I prefer no mercy and never ever want a safe word - just pure torture!

Pure complete merciless tickle torture is just what you deserve.

baby i cant wait to get you tied up and under me!

OMG. You gave me an instant Woodrow Wilson.

That was the point baby! And I know how much you love it! Have a good day at work baby!