It has been a while and I'm noticing several feelings. Porcelain cold against my cheek - lying here in the empty bathtub. Snug - wrists and and ankles cuffed securely. Exercised - muscles stretched in this hogtie - strong but not painful. It is quiet here - occasionally I hear you move about - looking down at me. I imagine your smile. Mainly though, the pressure. My weight on my front, pressing against my bladder. Tight jeans press a little too and any time I shift or move I wince at the extra pressure. I feel my breath become shorter - the muscles clenching I begin to sweat. More and more I image the relief of just letting go a little, and then the naughty warmth. I hold on and drip by drip yet more of the water I drank fills by bladder and demands relief. I was plenty ready to go when we started and drank plenty more before you tied me. I don't know how long it has been. It feels like a long time and every minute feels slow - takes a lot of getting through. There may be a bigger world but right now there's only one thing I can think of - needing to pee, and being all tied up and unable to do anything about it except let go - or clench my teeth and try to hold on.

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would definitely do that to you....get you desperate and then tie you up....it wouldnt be as easy for you though as i would make sure that i tease you a lot.....like making you look up waterfalls (including the sound) on youtube or peeing in front of you while you still have to hold on.....

Glad you like it - and I do like the added punishment aspect - something hard and difficult in a vulnerable place perhaps.

So, so very hot, I'm fanning myself. I fantasize about being in that role and being the person in the dominant role as well. As I write I'm also bursting to pee, so it's a double turn-on. *blushing* Although I want my dominant partner (or me in the domme role) to be very punitive and humilate me when the inevitable happens and the dam bursts. ;)

*grin* I hope you would be cruel in interesting ways.

i would totally do that for you...

I happily switch, so like to cause as well as be played with.<br />
I like the making the consequences of wetting worse by using a bed...

Hi BlueD, are you equally into seeing a woman tied up needing to pee or prefer to be the "victim"?<br />
<br />
Anyway, what a shame no-one commented on your story. I'd love to do that to a woman, maybe not in the bath, maybe in bed so it's more important to hold on.