Bound In Mohairi Lik To Be Tied Up In A Mohair Sweater

Il like to be tied up in mohair sweaters and gagged with a fluffy mohair scaef.I had a mate who seemed to like to tie me up, we used to play ftght ,he won most times so i got tied up when he was looking for a gag for me i told him to look in my crash helmet, he found my mohair scarf which i used to wrap around my nose and mouth when om my moter bikh. HE tied a knot in the fluffy scarf as he had seen me do the odd time i had him tied uo, he then put the knot in my mouth pulled it in deep and tied it tight behind my head a lovely fluffy gag  
mohairfan mohairfan
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

i would love to tie you up but i live in the usa

I share you liking for being tied with soft fuzzy sweaters and scarves.

Tell us about times when you have been tied in mohaie wwith a fluffy gag,what woud be your faverite fluffy aga?