I'm the One That Ties Her

Actually, I'm the one who ties my wife.  She loves the constriction and the helplessness!  I love what I'm doing to her and how she loves the feeling.  She will come so much faster when shes tied and properly beaten with a flogger or my bare hands.  It's the best!

I'm going off to prepare the ropes and toys we'll be using tonight after I finish writing this in fact.  She's putting the kids to bed now.  I know she is full of expectation and couldn't wait for tonight.  I've been hinting at what I've been planning all day via text messages and she's just all spun up and ready for the pain and bondage.  She loves how I go about it and as my friends can see in the pics of my handiwork, I am fairly proficient in tying her into beautiful knots.  Here we go! 

shibaricouple shibaricouple
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

i think i would enjoy having you as my Master