Dream Come True.

In my free time I love writing stories that involve bondage. One day at the office one of the young ladies who knew I wrote short stories asked me what my latest topic was. I explained that it was about a beautiful female estate agent that gets herself in knots while showing a client some property. She told me that she would love to know what it felt like to be tied up so I invited her around to my place. To my surprise she arrived and I introduced her to the feel of being tied up. I put her in various positions such as hands tied palm-to-palm and crossed wrists. SANkles tied crossed and together. Elbows cinched together etc. She really seemed to enjoy the morning and said that she would like to do it again. Unfortunately her boyfriend was not happy about the arrangement and cancelled her next visit.

I am always looking out  for a lady that enjoys TUG's so that I can research my story plots. As yet I have not found anyone in the Crowthorne/ Bracknell area that wants to play along. I am sure that in the near future I will find someone to fill this gap.

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Were you surprised at the ob<x>jection of the office worker's boyfriend? I'm surprised that the office worker let herself be tied up in the first place. Most women, I imagine, would have recoiled from the thought of physically submitting themselves to the will of anyone except a lover or potential lover. No wonder her boyfriend ob<x>jected: Learning that a third party was tying up his woman probably alarmed him. <br />
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Tying someone up necessitates touching another person in ways considered out-of-bounds in most social settings. It's inherently intimate. With rope---assuming you have enough of it and know what you're doing---you can fashion bonds that embrace a woman in ways that exceed even what her lover might achieve at sexual climax. Was her boyfriend alarmed? Indeed! <br />
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The only thing I'd wonder about is the unspoken wishes of that office worker: In permitting you to tie her up, was she perhaps hoping to shift allegiances, probing an opportunity to acquire a new boyfriend before leaving her current one?

Lucky you!

What an amazing piece of luck that she happened to be so receptive. One can understand her boyfriend's reluctance, but hopefully he will now cater for her new found interests.