Forced to dress

I have been ‘dressing’ from a young age, the usual thing happened, finding an aunties pink satin brassiere, a long line one which just hung on me, but that didn’t matter and also the matching corset also too large, but it felt so natural to wear these items, it gradually developed into wanting to dress more and more frequently, then it was dressing from there on.

I typed out my situation so I would never forget it. My final transformation started about 4 years ago my wife had arranged to go away for a weekend with friends, a sort of girls weekend. I was ecstatic, my chance to dress for a weekend properly with no interruption. After she had left on the Friday, I took out all my gear from my hidden spot in the loft. I chose, all from Transformation (CD shop) in Bristol, UK, (no longer there unfortunately) a long line black satin brassiere, a high-waisted corset with 8 suspenders small sized pantie girdle to keep my penis controlled, black seamed stockings, 6" high heeled black patent stilettos, a scoop necked white sweater, black satin underskirt and a black satin full skirt and a pair of black satin elbow length gloves (purchased from a wedding gown shop). As you can see I am a lover of satin as well. Of course a wig as well, shoulder length and black. After making up as best as I could at the time, I dressed. I had pre-cut a few lengths of rope and bought a wide dog collar and sponge ball (to put in my mouth to stop saliva when gagged). I first tied my nylon clad ankles to the legs of the chair, tying them off the ground to the rungs. A leather strap was buckled around my thighs holding me tight to the chair. Then buckling the collar around my neck with two lengths of rope hanging down my back towards my wrists. I firstly stuffed the sponge into my mouth, then with a black satin scarf which I had tied a knot in, I tied it into my mouth securely gagging me and knotting it under my wig. At the end of the ropes hanging down, I had made two loops, loose enough slip off when I wanted to escape. Slipping my hands into them I was now effectively helpless. I had been sat there for a hour or so doing the usual wriggling and mmmphinng, watching the video, when to my horror, I heard our front door open and the voices of my wife and her friends. Apparently, they had received a call on the way down to Devon that the hotel had developed a fire and everything was cancelled, so had returned home. I panicked. But as I tried to release myself the loops tightened and I couldn’t get the ropes off, so I was now actually helpless. I struggled and wriggled, but in vain. My wife called out for me, but being gagged I couldn’t answer. Eventually, terrified, I heard her coming up the stairs and into the room. She had a look of horror on her face. I think she thought I had kidnapped a woman. She then realised it was me. She walked around me with a look of thunder, I was so embarrassed. ‘What the hell are you doing, and what are you watching’ she asked. I tried to speak but the gag was too secure. She turned the PC off and eventually decided to untie the gag, pulling it out of my mouth she had to hook the sponge out as I couldn’t spit it out myself. ‘What are you queer?’ (usual remarks) she said. I tried to explain about my crossdressing, but she’d had enough, and before I got any chance to explain, she pulled the satin scarf back into my mouth forcing the knot back into my mouth. ‘I shall sort you out later’ she said angrily and going behind my back saw my wrists behind my back were a bit loosely tied, adjusted the ropes and tied my wrists tighter so I was now even helpless again. She stormed off to her friends and after about another hour and they had left, returned to me. I thought for one moment she would bring her friends up but she didn’t. She strolled around me, laughing at what I was wearing. She hooked her fingers into my bra straps, letting the snap back into place, then lifted my skirt and looked at my pantied penis flicking the suspenders of the corset. She removed the gag again, more angry that I had spoilt one of her satin scarves. Still bound, I tried to explain, so she untied me and then humiliating me she made me undress in front of her while explaining. I was so embarrassed. Then next day I was then made to destroy all my outfits which had cost me quite a bit. And that was it for a while. I eventually kept on asking her if I could dress again as I wanted to be my feminine self again. A few months later, to my surprise, she said she had looked up my situation on the web wiht her friend Sandra and realised some men did this. She then told me, if I wanted to dress I was to dress as she wanted. I wouldn’t be allowed sexy lingerie, I would have to act my age and wear girdles, corsets and long line brassieres. I think this was to try to stop me dressing. But as far as I was concerned, if I wanted to dress I was quite happy to wear such garments. So there you are that’s where I am at the moment. Sandra who I mentioned is a friend of my wife’s (who is now my mistress) came on the scene I think due to my cd activities, she runs a charity shop where I get some of my foundation garments from. My situation now is that they forced me to retire and work as their maid. Sandra now lives with us. When they go out, I am invariable left shackled, not tightly, just to stop me going out and stop me undressing, and recently, she found out I had been talking to some male friends, so have been forced to wear gags, usually bit gags, to stop me chatting to my friends but safe enough to leave in all day.Our telephone number has now been changed. All humiliating, but I now have accept it so I can dress. My sexual needs are catered by being controlled with a chastity device and lately, due to my penis getting smaller through lack of usage, my sexual activity is supplied via a prostrate massager. We have moved recently to stop contact with my friends being a problem. I am only allowed to wear corsetry, long lines and girdles and corsets, usually in satin and laceup types, this was originally to try to stop me dressing, but I wore them so I could dress. I go out as Gina, but only with them, not on my own. Dressed, heavily made up and corsetted, I am fairly passable shape wise, but the voice is still a problem, but I love going out dressed, the feeling of tight skirts and heels with the breasts bouncing in the bra is such a sexy feeling. As the maid, I wear various maids outfits, french maid satin dresses, in black, pink and purple which I love, but stood in front of my wife in them can be somewhat embarrassing. Other outfits vary from blouses and skirts, sweaters and skirts, always with high heels. If I go out it is invariably 3" so not too bad to walk in. But it is what I want to do.

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I really like to be turned into a satin ****, then bound and gagged and hammered with a strap-on.

I liked your experience and felt some of the shock of being discovered by your wife. If you want to chat, message me or go onto "I am into Damsels in Distress (DiD)" group.