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Kidnapped In A Parking Garage....

I have been dressing on and off some years now. I am a very petite man - around 5'1" so I can easily pass as a woman. I had a friend, male, who had a kidnapping fetish. He didn't know about my dressing up but one day he asked me if I was willing to help him with something. I said "sure, what is it.", thinking it was something small, like moving a desk. He asked me if I would dress up as a woman and allow him to kidnap me in a deserted parking garage. I was shocked at first! Did he know my secret?! I started to sweat a little and asked him, "Why me? Why not ask a real girl?" He told me that he asked a few, which I found out to be a lie, but they all turned him down. I said I would. Later, I found out he knew about my dressing up and secretly wanted to **** me.
Anyway, I wanted to buy something nice and feminine to wear for our "kidnapping". I went online and found a skirt suit and shoes. I am into pleated skirts so I bought a long, cream colored pleated skirt that went down just above my ankles, white high heels, a white, double breasted blazer w/ gold buttons that fit me so tight and a white blow blouse with pearl buttons and french cuffs . As you can see, I like white! Also, after dressing, fixing my hair and makeup, I draped a nice red/white silk Hermes scarf over my blazer, grabbed a black shoulder purse and finally, a long, tan, trench coat. I looked great! I almost wanted to skip the kidnapping and go shopping but I was sort of excited but VERY nervous.

We both mad arrangements to meet in the garage to discuss what was going to happen, so I wouldn't be too frightened. I pulled into the garage and started to drive to the lower levels. I finally parked in the last level you can go, stopped the car and got out. It was very dark and quiet. Almost spooky. As I walked, the sound of my heels echoed through the garage "cave". "I guess I wouldn't be able to sneak up anybody." I thought as I looked around for my "kidnapper". No one. I started to wonder if this was the right day. I thought I would give him a call but I noticed I wasn't getting a signal on my cell phone. I decided to drive to the top again so I can call him to find out what was going on. I took out my keys and went to unlock my car door. Just then, a masked, hooded man jumped out and clamped his gloved hand over my lipsticked mouth. Before I could even make a sound, the feeling of fear shot through me! My eyes widen from surprise. My heart rate increased as did my breathing but his hand over my mouth made it very hard to breathe.

"Don't make a sound or I'll kill you, do you understand?" the masked man ordered me. I nodded my head yes. This was it! I was so surprised and I loved it. It made me get into the role of "damsel in distress". He ordered me to put my hands behind my back. I did so, all the time looking frightened and still trying to catch a breath through my attackers hand. He stated to wrap rope around my tiny wrists. He noticed my nails done.."I love your nails." he told me as he continued to TIGHTLY wrap the rope. After my wrists were bound, he told me to not make a sound because he's letting his hand off my mouth. He let his gloved hand off my lips and a gasped for a breath of fresh air. But before I could really catch my breath, he shoved a cloth inside my mouth and started to tightly wrap a scarf around my mouth. I was very surprised by this and my eyes widened again as I tried to protest and turn around. I didn't want to be gagged! But he forced me back, facing my car. "Where do you think you're going? You are going to be my guest for a WHILE!"

A lump went into my throat! "What did he mean by that and why was he being so rough?" I started to ask myself, starting to get really frightened. He grabbed my arm and spun me around so now I was facing him. He looked right into my eyes and saw the fear.
"Scared, huh? You should be." he chuckled as I saw him look around and take more rope out of his pocket. Before I knew it, he was wrapping the rope around my petite body, pinning my arms to their sides, making it even harder to move because of all the layers of clothes I had on, including the trench coat.

As soon as he was done, I heard a noise. It was a car! I looked at him terrified, thinking someone might catch us and he would get in trouble. Part of me wanted to be caught so this would be over. I was VERY uncomfortable tied and gagged. I wanted this to be done with! I saw a dirty, old Chevy van coming closer and started to MMPHH. "Be quiet!" he told me, not even looking scared that he might be arrested for kidnapping. The van pulled up by us and the side door slid open. "You're late" my kidnapper tells the driver. I looked at him with frightened, wide eyes! He knew what I was thinking. "That's right. You are coming with us." I started to tremble! He took me by the arm and led me over to the van. When we got to the door, he shoved me inside and slammed the door shut.

The cold, dirty van floor hurt as I landed roughly on it. I quickly picked myself up and crawled into a back corner of the van. It was dark and there were blankets in a pile on the side. My trench coat and parts of my face was soiled from the dirt scattered all over the floor. This was not what I wanted my "kidnapping" to be. I was VERY scared! After the door was shut, my attacker came back and reached out to grab my ankles. I pulled the away but he quickly jerked them forward, extending my legs and exposing my skirt and slip under my coat. He had more rope in his hand and started to bind my ankles.
"I love your skirt." He says as he takes his free hand and starts to rub my leg, over my skirt. I look at him in terror and surprise. This was not the same friend I knew. I was wondering if it was him at all! He then started to reach under my skirt and slip, stroking my stockinged legs. I LOVED it but I didn't want him to know that. I MMPPPHHed in protest but he just ignored me, concentrating on my stocked legs. My skirt,slip and coat were now pushed up past my knees. I was wondering if he was going to **** me. I tried to back away but there was no where to go. I was his captive and he knew it! "So nice" he just muttered to himself as he began to untie my ankles. I started to get really scared and it showed! Why was he untying my ankles!? What was he going to do to me??!!

After untying my ankles, he roughly grabbed them and pulled them closer to him, forcing me onto my back. I had a feeling what was going to happen! I mmmpphhed in protest! I even started to kick my legs, which caused my skirt, slip and coat to raise higher.
"Stop or I'll cut your throat!!" he ordered me, showing me a huge hunting knife. I stopped and he took my legs and spread them.
"NO, PLEASE STOP!!" I mmpphhed into my gag but he just reached up between my legs and grabbed my panties. I felt them slip down between my legs as he was taking them off, exposing my privates.

I then notice him undoing his belt and button. I wanted to scream for help but I couldn't! I was so HELPLESS!! TIED AND GAGGED AND I WAS ABOUT TO BE RAPED!! NO!! He was hard as a rock as he lifted my legs and started to inch towards me. The closer me got, the wider my eyes got and more the fear showed. It was like he was enjoying seeing my fear. He finally grabbed his **** and squeezed it into my TIGHT opening! My face showed the pain as his HUGE hard **** was shoved further into me! It hurt so much but it started to feel better when he took it out and lubed it. It slid in easier. "How do you like this, my pretty captive?" He asked me.
I enjoyed it but I didn't want him to know that. But he knew after a few thrusts and the look on my face changed from fear to pleasure. I was even started to softly moan into my gag.
He even stoked my stocked legs, pushing my legs even further apart. Finally, he stretched out over me, reach and pulled off my gag and padding in my mouth. I licked my lips and gasped for air. I then let out a feminine moan. Before I knew it, he gave a m passionate kiss. Our tongues met as he continued to trust into me over and over! OH, I loved it!! I was being ****** like a woman!! A helpless kidnapped woman!! He then started pumping faster and my moans grew louder till finally, he came inside of me! OH!! That was a great feeling! The feeling of warm *** exploding inside me!!
I just layed back, with my arms still tied under me and breathed deep.
"Sorry honey but it's not over. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself because it's going to happen again, and again, and again" Before I could say a word, he shoved the cloth back into my mouth and retied the gag.
Fear started to hit me again!! He then took my ankles and retied them. He also tied my thighs.
"I'm a gentleman so I'll lower your skirt back down for you because I'm going to see that view again." He tells he as he lowers my skirt over my legs.

He then gets into the front of the van and the driver and him just laugh. What do they have planned for me???

Stay tuned!!
christybono christybono 41-45 33 Responses Dec 6, 2010

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Great story and want that to happen to me really - want to know what happens next where you are taken and how you are used. Julie

i want to be kidnapped too and raped

Wow nice story. I always wanted to be kidnapped and raped as a fantasy.

very exciting adventure!

Thank you!

A very well-written and exciting account of your kidnapping and 'discovery' adventure.

Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Very exciting yet intensely sexly story. The rape put the icing on the cake - and honey you were the whole cake.



Please tell me more! I know you say you added the rape part but how much of you wished it had happened?

want to see the rest

I was captured and pulled into some woodland bushes wearing my white pleated dress ,and that was a mixture of excitement and fear ?

A delightful and erotic story. You achieve a sexy fusion of bondage, ravishment, (hesitant at first then totally enjoying it), and the desire to feel a woman, being treated like a woman, and an old fashion DID story with bondage sex.

WOW GREAT STORY! It got me all excited. That would be a wonderful experience.

Wow, that was good! Was it for real or just a story?

It was just a story but there were parts of the story that were true. The part where I was tied by my friend and kidnapped was true but the rape part was fake. I can dream though, right?

Yes, you dream all you want hon!

Your hot my dear, loved it soooooo much!

I only have one thing to say, NEXT, either your wonderful story or me :)

I'd have been scared out of my mind. If I couldn't have been sure it was the planned kidnapping.

you'r story made me horny

Good! I was very horny when I wrote it. I can't wait to try it again!

very hot - want that man to do the same to me, especially being re tied after and being told it's not over yet. Julie3301

Love you think like I do I wish I was next to you in the van and letting him use me as well

I think he wouldn't mind! LOL!! We could be raped together.

Yes over and over their sex slaves for as long as they wanted

Oh yes!! Helpless women at the mercy of 2 rapists!! Tied and gagged so tight!! Squirming to free our selves. Dressed so feminine! So helpless!!

Yes and both of us wondering why our clitties are so hard as they take us

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I know people have been waiting for a new story. Sorry for the delay. Work has gotten in the way but I now have some time so I plan to write some new fantasies I have. One of them would be getting together with another CDer/TV and being tied together by a strong man. Oh, that would be so fun!! Since we would be tied, we would have no say on what happens to us. <br />
<br />
What do you think?

Can I be there too I love the plot

Sure! If you like. I should have something soon

I would love it!

I loved your story, I hope for more.<br />
Kisses<br />

Oh you poor thing! Left in that van, tied and helpless. Already raped and not knowing what else those two rough men would do to you. I almost felt like I was there myself. Please tell us what happened next xx

phew!! send your kidnapper over to me

Christy this was the best story i have read here to date, looking forward to part 2 and more

wow great story Christy

I have a new story in the works now. I should have it up tonight!!

Power play, glad your are still alive.<br />
I t could have had a less healthy outcome.<br />
I hope no infectious issues were in the "mix" so to speak.

Thank you Dawn. I have a few more "adventures" I plan to tell very soon!!

more please this is sexy

sounds sexy ummmm

Such a hot story! Makes me so horny...I have had lots of fantasies about being kidnapped...being bound and gagged and helpless...wish I had a friend like that!