In The Fields

in the summer i love to go down to the fields dressed  in black stockings and a black body suit
it is great in the mornings when the dewy grass wets my stocking toes
thie field i use ,the farmer has left a stake in the middle of the field
so i tie my ankles  with 6 loops of rope and then 3 twists to tighten them
i then lie on my front and wriggle back so the post is between my legs with my knees bent in hogtie position
previously i have tied a piece of rope with a loop in to the post so I now slip my wrists into this and pull it tight so i am rendered helpless
i have laid a riding crop next to me in case someone finds me so they can use me but sadly they havn't yet
christinemelody christinemelody
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

nice i would love to do that and even have an animal use me x

Its better it can be changed as, a farmer hogtied you tightly and gagged clearly and let you struggle in between the crops while he's working.<br />
Time to time he comes to you and do things like pinching your nipples, sucking your nipples, finger you. <br />
Its truly amazing to have a such a feeling. May be try with someone who can be trust. <br />
I can help with that...

Nice story - I used to do similar. Farmers field on a quiet lane near where I grew up had stone gate posts and em<x>bedded metal hooks to hold a gate - but the gate was no longer there. I'd drive out there late at night dressed in leotard, short pleated skirt and heeled boots there park nearby and walk 200 m or so to the field entrance. I'd kneel, loop the chain around my ankles around the lower hook and the chain from my collar to the top hook then slip my hands into a rope loop tied around my waist and twist my wrists around to tighten it up. It was exciting to be there helpless and exposed.