Sissy Fantasy

This has never happened to me, but I would like it too.

I used to work in a place where I had access to accomodation rooms, I would sneek in from time to time and take some women's tights from their drawers, this one woman was soo sexy and one day when in her room going through her tights she walked in unexpectedly and caught me with a pair of her tights in my hand.."what the **** is going on here" she yelled.." look please don't tell anyone, I have a tights fetish and can't help it" I replied, "I see" she said.. with that she walks over to me and drops her bag on the ground and tells me if I don't want anyone too find out and loose my job I have to do what she says.." ok" I said. she tells me to undress which I start doing, as i'm undressing I watch her go to her drawer and she pulls out a pair of black lacy panties "here, put these on then put the tights on over them", I nodded and did as instructed, next she threw me a bra and I put that on followed by a cream silk blouse and black pencil skirt." there let me look at you, such a pretty sissy aren't you" she said laughing at me, next she produces a pile of white ropes and places them on the bed.." now lie face down on the bed and put your hands behind your back", I do as i'm told and she climbs on the bed and sits over my legs pinning me to the bed, I can feel her start wrapping the rope around my wrists pulling it tight before cinching the rope and pulling my wrists tightly together before knotting it off in the middle, once done with my wrists she tied my arms the same way just above the elbow's then moving down she tied my feet up tightly in the same manner and finally finishing off with my knees. So there I am tightly tied up face down on the bed dressed in her clothes..."what are you going to do now" I asked, " now i'm gonna gag you little sissy" she replied, I turned my head to notice her pulling her nude coloured tights down, she pulled them off and bundled them up into a ball, she knelt down beside me and squeezed my cheeks forcing me to open my mouth, once open far enough she stuffed her worn tights into my mouth prodding them in deeper and deeper with her fingers,next she produced this roll of silver duct tape and wrapped it around my face and head about six times completley covering my mouth and jaw, my cheeks were bulging with her tights in my mouth and I was fighting not too choke on them, all I could do was grunt and make muffled noises. Then I watch her walk over to a bin in the corner of the room she reaches in and pulls out another pair of her worn tights which she was going to throw away she comes back to me and pulls the tights over my head" there you have a tights fetish, you can wear mine on your head like that" she said, then she wraps more duct tape over my mouth about another three times and then up round my eyes about four times. Now i'm completley helpless, tightly tied up, gagged and blindfolded wearing her clothes laying face down on her bed. I lie there for a few seconds then feel her hands brushing over my feet and more rope being passed between them, suddenly my feet are forced upwards towards my hands and rope is passed between my wrists several times before being tied off." there, now you're not going anywhere" she said, she calmly goes and puts another pair of tights on and then tells me she is going back to work for the rest of the day and that I am to be left there on her bed until she returns in the evening. It must have been like 4 hours or something before she returned, I was left hogtied on her bed unable to move or do anything all afternoon, each time I struggled to try and free myself I would get more excited and eventually shot my load into her panties and tights I was wearing, I can remeber thinking how this would make her even more angry when she returned but I was helpless to prevent it. When she finally did return the first thing she did was check under my skirt with her hand.." ohh you've made a mess in my tights you little sissy" I nodded and grunted into my gag, then I heard the noise of a camera clicking.." now if I ever catch you in my room again I will show these pictures to everyone..understand" again I nodded and grunted into my gag, she untied me and told me to undress, once i took her skirt and blouse off she told me too keep her tights and panties saying she did not want them back after i had worn them and called me a dirty little pervet sissy ****, I agreed with her and she told me to get out and never come back in again.. I never did go back in and whenever we saw eachother from that day on she just scowled at me..sometimes with a smirk on her face, I would always be embarrased by seeing her after that and would always try to avoid her.     

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Wow, that is quite an experience! I am so envious!

LOL..ohh you two, letting all your secrets's a good thing to desire though i agree....if i had the chance to experience it again i would jump at it..

Oh Chrissie! You are telling all our secrets ......<br />
<br />
Claire xx

WWWOWWW...... that's a really frightening experience Andy, Sweetheart, and I'm sure it will stay with you for life. You know it's made me absolutely envious and totally horny to boot, you lucky, lucky *****. It's just the thing Clairemeredith and I have been praying for for ever.<br />
Maybe one day....... who knows??<br />
Take care.<br />
Lots of love.<br />
Chrissie.<br />