The Best Weekend I've Ever Had..

  A long time ago a girlfriend used to enjoy ordering me to dress en femme. Then she would apply makeup and fix my hair with a curling iron. I've always enjoyed having my hair longer than most whether in style or not. We went to a motel room one weekend and she first cuffed my hands in front of me then found a length of chain and secured me in the bathtub. When I began to protest she silenced me with a ball gag. Then after soaping me up she began shaving all of the hair from below my waist. When she was thru she released my hands and dried me off and tells me to get dressed in the clothes she had laid out on the bed. Much to my delight there was a pair of black nylons, garter belt and panties. Beside them there was a tight fitting very short dress. Once I was dressed she adjusted things to her liking and ordered me to sit in a chair she had already positioned for me. She started with my wrists behind me then my elbows and torso tightly tied to the chair. Then she went after my knees and ankles. Once bound and gagged she lay back on the bed and began to pleasure herself knowing full well this would excite me but I would be powerless to do anything but get excited. This went on most of the weekend with me tightly bound and gagged (except when she would bring in food) in various positions, but always excited.

 I have lately had thoughts of another crossdresser or two, but so far they are only thoughts. I would love to hear from other cd's out in the western US who also might be interested in getting together for fun and games.     

CDstaci CDstaci
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

Wow that sounds amazing! I would love for my Girlfriend to do that. We do bondage together but she doesn't really like dressing me up.