Things A Crossdressing Sissy Loves To Hear

stefiecdtv stefiecdtv
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11 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Lol now that HAS happened a few too many times! So scary and yet so exhilarating

Lovely lovely my friend

Got hard just reading this! Everything is so true!

Add, "Lick me clean!"

love you. that's what I like to hear before going down!!

Oh my, how did I miss this comment. Yes please, make me a **** sucking ****** sissy *****. Talk mean, spank me when I don't suck his fat, tasty **** correctly.

All of the above. Definitely

oh yes tell me to open my mouth tell me to spread my legs,oh **** i am such a ******* sissy *********** ****.

Oh my, yes! These are magic words to a sissy's ears.

Love it!

Love hearing all those things and would love to be in that girls position right now.

Fabulous sweetie

I'd like to be in that sissys panties! Nice ****