Can I Help With That

I love groups with names like this. My imagination spins out of control.

While I am imagining all the things I can suck I get a text from another EP member. I know, I know..I just can't help myself. I see a group title like this..I just gotta read it and of course...join. 

I would apologize, but I am not the least bit sorry. Sorry:)
*conversation as follows*: you want to be told to suck it do

me.. It was a cute paragraph:-)

me..Hmmmm...I need a story for that group hell, i'd be happy to help with

me..Yeah? And how?

G..theres gotta be some fun way

me..I'm all ears

G..well not all ears i hope...that wwould make it kinda difficult wouldnt it?

me..What..there are two holes there tooooo


G..not very lubricated tho are they?

me..What do ya think ky is for...hmmmm?

me..unlubricated holes make it sound so

G..) gotta make a mtg swats your *** as I go

Me thinks I give G a headache..he runs to  LOT of meetings when talking to me:)

And how did sucking it turn into holes??? the beaten track back to alll the things I can suck on.....

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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

You must have big ears! lol

I do I????! Hmmmm...


Where else but EP can I have such conversation:)

Sucking turned into unlubricated ouch!

LOL..never said it was intelligent conversation....more of a drifting in any direction conversation..

Most conversations i nhere are not very intelligent anyway, but self lubricating holes are best.

we both agree with that one..

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Only on EP can ears become ... well you know. Handles!!

(sorry nudie) =)

This totally got me laughing first thing in the morning!! Thanks!! :) Some of the groups spawn awesome images in our naughty lil imaginations and the conversations we can have about them are a riot!!