I Like It!

I just seen this group in one of my friends group list. Ironically, my neighbor was over yesterday afternoon. If you have read any of my other stuff on here, then you know the neighbor **** over frequently for BJ's. He got off work early, and as he was leaving work, he sent a text and asked if I was around. I replied yes and said I would be around the rest of the day. I sent that, then started to type up another one saying that I hoped he was asking because he seen an opportunity to *** over. But before I could send it he sent another text saying... Good! I am getting off work early. I was hoping you were going to be around so I could *** over and get off again. I deleted the text I was typing and said... I was hoping you were going to say that. The back door will be unlocked. He replied... Okay dude! I will be there in about an hour. 

In a little over an hour he walked in the back door, walked in my office, and pulled his sweat pants off immediately. I said hello when he walked in my office. He didn't say anything until he got his pants off. As he was walking over to me sitting in my chair... he said... well hello. He walked up and straddled my legs, and said... I want those lips wrapped around my ****. He didn't say the exact words... suck it. But, same thing. lol

I was sitting there looking up at him and said... you do huh? He said... Oh yeah! Then he grabbed my head and said... Open up. He pulled my head in, I opened my mouth and he shoved it right in. That was hot.

I didn't have to do any of the work. lol He ****** my mouth until he came. He must have been horny cause it only took a few minutes. I said.. Wow dude... that was quick. He said... Well I have been thinking about doing that for the last hour. I was ready. lol We shot the **** for 15 minutes or so and he left. I went back to work with the sweet taste of him ***. It was all good.
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Looks like you haven't posted any new stories in a couple months... Are you still having your friendly encounters with your hot neighbor? Your stories are soooo hot, I hope you post some more! Really looking forward to it!

Oh yes. Still have the deal going on. I've just been super busy lately.

Oh yes. Still have the deal going on. I've just been super busy lately.

wish i had a friend like this

when I am told to "suck it" I do so like a little slave

can i *** over

I love those experiences also. Somehow it is better for me when they tell me to suck it or just put it in me. Loved your story