i did it,I met a guy I met online and met him in his car.He had talked sweet to me(nasty)and was nearby.I slipped on my black stockings,neon pink thong and black bra,slipped my male clothes over it and drove to a parking lot.i got on his car and we talked for a minute.He then pulled his pants down and showed my his nice ****.He told me to show him my thong ,so i pulled my pants down,revealing my stockings and bra.I pulled my shirt up and showed him my black bra.I then reached over and started jacking him off.He asked my"don t you want to suck it?"After that i just leaned over and took his **** in my mouth.I licked and sucked and bobbed up and down for several minutes.When i got ready to ***,i finished him off with my hand.I can t believe I finally did it.I m going to do it again.I love it because he called me a good little ***** and pulled my thong tight against my ***.He also called me a good little ********** and said i was good.He wants to meet again.What should i do?
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5 Responses Aug 18, 2014

do it of course! :)

Go suck him again and take it in your ***** mouth!

Great story. To late to tell you to meet him again. I hope you did and enjoyed yourself. Take-Care. JennyLee

Of course meet again!

Go suck him some more !!