Here Is A Guide To Help You Get Started.

(Some of the people referenced here you will not know. I did this writing for a different site years ago, but it's been pretty helpful for some people so I figured I'd put it here. Enjoy and I hope it helps!)

## Intro   Hey everyone. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about being a bimbo and what happens when you choose to become a bimbo. I want to kind of clear the air and give some tips/guidance to some of the girls that may be having trouble/ have a lack of good leadership. I know this is long, but I tried to make it as short and informatively objectional as I could. It'll take jupiter a month to read.    ## Things to keep in mind when getting started    I think first and foremost people have to be aware that bimbofication is a very expensive portion of the lifestyle and it is NOT a passive choice. It takes a lot of money, time and hard work to be a bimbo. Maintenance on your appearance can cost you hundreds if not thousands a month (clearly talking about very high end things). It can take months on end to learn how to properly do your make-up and learn all the useful application techniques. When you choose to explore the world of bimbofication you are making a pretty large commitment with your time and money. Make sure this is what you want, because it is not something that can really be half assed. A fully realized bimbofication can cost a lot of money, take a lot of dedication to proper eating and workout habits, and runs the risk of alienating you from your loved ones. I know it looks like a very glamourous lifestyle, but all that shines does not come easy or cheap.    When you are picking a male, keep in mind that you are going to need a man that can provide these things for you unless you are available to provide them for themselves. Men that can generally provide these things are the wealthy. The wealthy usually have job and a life outside of D/s. The fantasy of a blonde bimbo may be a hot fantasy, but you stand to embarass him greatly if you do not act with decorum in situations when it is called for. For this reason, I think it is important that all bimbos know how to use proper manners and language. When in social situations, you are a representation of your male half, remember this at all times as what you are doing may negatively impact his life. Know when to wear your bimbo hat, and when to be polite arm candy that can make appropriate social conversation. Knowing when to play up/tone down you appearance and attitude is key, as this is not something that is an acceptable social norm in most regions of the country.    This brings me to the point that not everyone looks at bimbos with lust, some view them with blood lust! Other women can be greatly jealous of bimbos and will try to cut you down upon occasion due to your looks. Some of the more intelligent women may surprise their friends and family with their new appearance as there is a lot of negative connotation that comes associated with being a bimbo. One of the major misconceptions is that "bimbos are *****". This is true in some cases, but the 2 are not mutually exclusive. Not all ***** are bimbos, and not all bimbos are *****. Bimbofication is a look and mindset, beyond that you can do whatever you want. Some bimbos naturally have to mindset and not the look, and other's naturally have the look and not the mindset. It's rare to find both outside of the sexualization of bimbofication. Remember, for us bimbofication is a sexual thing, however there are TONS of bimbos who are not in the lifestyle and thus it's uncommon to find a perfect bimbo in the wild. Bimbos are property for the most part and are "built" to their master's specifications.    ## Tips for a successful bimbofication   1. Confidence: It's important as a bimbo to be confident. Sometimes you will be leaving the house in outfits that'd make lady gaga blush and you have to have the confidence to wear it well and proudly. It can be difficult to get your confidence up as many in the outside world will change how they look at you. Getting stared at like a piece of meat can really be unsettling for some women if they are not comfortable with their bodies. I think for this reason that it is important to build a bimbos confidence to dangerously high levels. If you are having trouble leaving the house in more outrageous outfits, you may want to do a cam show. This way you can show the public without leaving the comfort of your home and you will get positive reinforcement from the viewers to build your confidence so you can walk tall when it comes time to unveil it to the world.    2. Money: As I said before, being a bimbo can be VERY expensive, so getting money is a must. The easiest way to get your financial needs taken care of is to find a man to do it. If you like to be independent, then as I said before cam shows or stripping can be great sources of revenue while also helping to build confidence. If you would like to learn more about stripping, lagniappe is our resident ******** bimbo and very friendly and I'm sure can answer any and all questions (sorry for volunteering you) If you are on a budget, budget yourself appropriately. Build up your warddrobe and make-up collection for instance before you start saving for new ****. Get the most "bang for your buck" by choosing things that give the most aesthetic impact with the least amount of money. Many of the things bimbos desire can be very expensive and add up quickly, make sure to shop around.    3. Learning what turns men on: As a bimbo, the more you know about what turns men on, the more power you have. Your main goal is to ooze sexuality and steal the attention of every man in the room and make all their wives jealous. I hate to say it, but men are dumb. It's easy to turn us on! When picking a wardrobe, try to pick out clothing that accentuates your body. Pick clothing that is bright in color, conforms to your body, low cut, open back, lacey, animal print, or see through and show as much skin as you can. Basically bring as much attention to your **** and *** as possible and if your outfit happens to looks somewhat like street legal lingerie that wouldn't hurt either. It's also never a bad idea for a bimbo to attend beauty school, as it will train you how to do hair and make-up in a timely fashion with quality results. Remember, men aren't only turned on by looks but also the way you smell. Pick feminine scents that you enjoy and try to stay away from body sprays. Real perfumes are a million times more sophisticated. You are trying to find a wealthy man, remember?!   4. Hair: I can't stress this enough, but hair is one of the most over looked facets of being a bimbo. Women AND men derive a great deal of sexuality/power from their hair, why do you think Donald Trump tries so hard to keep it? Make sure you find a hairdresser that can accomodate your needs. Hair is one of the first things a man notices and can be a very good indication of how well a woman takes care of herself. If you are using dye, make sure to give your hair time to heal. Blonde hair is great, but you don't want to do things that will damage your hair beyond repair. Curious knows a great deal about hair care if you would like to ask her what she uses to strengthen her hair between dye jobs.    5. Hard work: Remember that one of the main goals in bimbofication is to CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE. No change has ever come easy or without effort. It can sometimes be daunting to take the first step into any new venture, but deciding to do so is more than half the battle. As a bimbo you need strong leadership or strong will power, because you are trying to make a change with your body that is NOT EASY. Bimbofication looks glamourous, but the means to achieve the ends are often not. I think it is important for ALL bimbos to put themselves on a diet/workout regiment. Start slow, but you have to start somewhere. The changes you desire are not going to be handed to you and surgery isn't always the only way to achieve body modification. Proper diet and workout will ensure that you earn the results you want. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. If you have hours a day to be on fetlife, then you have hours a day to be improving your body.    6. Respect your friends, family, and co-workers: This transformation will unfortunately affect public opinion. People will judge you. The average woman walking down the street may give you the stink eye and the average man may walk into a telephone pole while looking at your ***. It's important to ignore the reactions of the people that are strangers to you and do not impact your day to day life, they do not matter and it is expected of them not to understand/be jealous. Most of the time, your friends and family will accept your for your desires to be a bimbo. Hell, most the time they know before you do. It is however advised to dress/act respectfully as possible around your friends and family to reinforce that fact that you are still the same person inside, you're just a little sexier on the outside now. Some people may have difficulty accepting this due to religious or moral beliefs, respect that this is not for everyone and if you value their involvement in your life do not over step their bounds. This can be a lifestyle that can unintentionally step on people's toes around if you go about it the wrong way. In the arena of corporate America, this could possibly get you fired. it's important to know when it is appropriate and inappropriate to walk around looking like a fucktoy.    7. Find a common goal: It can sometimes be hard to get on the same page with the bimbofication process. There are so many different kinds of looks. You can be a pale skinned goth bimbo like tonsilglazing, or a big titted dumb **** like jupiter, an intellectual by day and ******** by night like lagniappe, a tart obsessed with pop culture like curious, or just be blessed and have the best **** and *** on the planet like beautiful pain. It's hard to pick a direction and sometimes even harder to vocalize. An easy way to pick a goal/direction is to find a "role model". Pick a woman who's body and style you are envious of, and try to emulate that in the best way possible making it your own identity along the way. Many choose to look up to the classic role models like Marilyn Monroe, Pam Anderson, and fictional characters like Kelly Bundy. Other choose more unconventional role models like elvira or the somewhat punk rock Christina Dolce (xforbiddenx from myspace). No matter what you choose, you need a clear vision as to what you want your end product to be.    ## Making a scene / buying toys / clothing retailers.    The following has been posted by me before, but I am going to add it on the end of this because it is relevant. I am in no way saying you NEED these things, but it's just a good place for you to start if you do not already know how to get your feet wet.    # Scenes   Inspiration for scenes: I have found that **** is great inspiration for scenes. Sites like and have great aesthetics to their scenes, with lots of bright neon toys and bondage. It's just too bad the sex is damn near nilla. You can find many interesting toys, outfits, and make-up ideas by checking out your favorite *****. I think Mike Adriano is always on point with his wardrobe and makeup choices. The sex in Jake Malone's movies is often some of the dirtiest in american ****, and he usually has some fresh ideas. He was one of the first american directors to play around with milk enemas and such.  Ideally my perfect scene would incorporate the toys and bondage of milfhumiliation, the makeup and wardrobe of an Adriano film, and the hardcore sex that Malone is known for. This is what works for me, look around and find out what makes you tick and move from there. Let us know what you use for inspiration.    # Retailers My favorite online resources: - Believe it or not, amazon sells a ton of sex toys at a fraction of the cost most sites charge. - Awesome site owner and operated by a fellow fetlife user. Free shipping on orders over $125. You can also message this user -> for a discount code. Get the toys you want at the price you want! - A good all around store with low prices, a loyalty program, and email discounts to keep you coming back. - This site has the best slutty clothing at the lowest prices. - Huge selection of wigs, lingerie, costumes, angel wings, and so on. - Fast and easy custom collars/restraints. I have made collars here before and they are good quality. There are a few restrictions, but otherwise a very good service that will make any custom collars that say anything you wish.    Between those 5 sites, your needs should be pretty well covered. The only other advice I can offer is if you find a toy company you like, try to look up their product line and find the wholesaler page. Here are 6 of some of the best known toy producers.    Pipedreams - Doc Johnson - Trinity vibes - Don Wands - Tantus - California Exotics -   # A few of my favorite toys   Pink japanese clover clamps - These clamps are my favorite. They're pink metal, grip tight and aren't easily tugged off the nipple, and the harder you pull the chain the tighter it gets. They are made by a company called "fresh" which is a makeup company that also has some nice brightly colored bondage gear.   Pink and blue collar and leash combo - These 2 are also made by fresh. There are coordinating ball gags and blindfolds as well that you can see in my pictures. They aren't that strong and won't hold up in a rough scene but they do in a quickie and are inexpensive so you won't mind if you ruin them.   Collar -   Leash -   Ball gag -   Blindfold -   Burning angel accessories - Burning angel makes a good line of pink accessories. The bullet vibe is great, I catch my girl playing with it all the time. The pink brass knuckle butt plug is very large and great for ramming. And the ben wah balls are easily worn in public.   7 speed bullet -   Brass knuckle plug -   Ben wah balls -   Jewelled butt plug - I LOVE this toy. It is small, heavy, and easily worn in public. I took my girl to walmart last week dressed in a long shirt as a dress and with one of these up her *** to buy condoms. She was pretty humiliated and it was fun, she loved it, i lo ed it, it was good fun. I have a mass produced version, but this one is superior and I will be ordering it soon.   Optical glass butt plug - This one isn't really a "bimbo" toy per se, however I love it so I'm including it. It is a glass butt plug that is optically tuned so that it magnifies the inside of your subs *******. I haven't received this one yet, but if it works as promised it'll be a delight.*****&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_noautofacet=1&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade%2Fglass   Neon anal training kit - These are neon ****** that are meant for anal training. They get progressively larger and the smallest one can be easily worn in public.   Remote vibrator / vibrating strapless thong - Give the stupid little ***** a jolt in public when she acts up. The strapless thong fits like a headband between your ***** and *** cheeks.   thong -   vibrator -   Rhinestone studded heart-shaped padlocks - If you do decide to go with the locking clasp for your collars and ankle/wrist cuffs, you aren't going to want some ugly padlock ruining the aesthetic. These are the perfect touch to finish off a girly looking collar. They come in different finishes and without rhinestones as well.   Bimbo doll hood - Hoods to me are alluring, however they are always so dark and dungeon like. That is why I like this hood from fetish fantasy. Add a wig if you would like as well and you are ******* a barbie doll.   Pig mask - Every sub acts up now and again, and what is more humiliating than having to dress up as a pig when you are one who prides yourself on your looks? I can't think of much. Add some nose hooks under the mask to give her a real pig nose for added humiliation. Also, when you push the nose it makes oinking noises. When your **** is bad, make her squeal like a piggy.   Nose hooks - Can be hard to come by at a good price, I found mine on ebay for $10. Look around.   Gags, gags, gags, - When it comes to gags, there is no one gag that is perfect for all scenes. Gags are one of my favorite kind of toys and they make them for all occasions. These are some of the better gags I have found for bimbos, also see the fresh gag a few paragraphs up.   pink open mouth gag -   Jawbreaker gag w/ pink pvc strap -   Clear ball gag with red ball -   Pink diamond ball gag -   Platium ball gag -   Humiliator gag's toilet brush attachment (gag sold seperately) -   Breathable bit gag -   ******* machines - If you really wanna drop some dough and have the space, they now make pink colored ******* machines.*******-machines_48/the-caesar-*******-machine_3027.html   Pink rope - This is not real japanese silk rope, it's an inexpensive alternative. I'm sure if you look hard enough though you will be able to find real pink japanese rope, but this will do.     Pink scarf / bow restraint - Tie a pretty pink bow right over the ***** mouth and bind her wrists like a present. Not good for rough sessions either, but great for photos.   scarf -   bow -   Pink restraint straps - These go great with some custom pink cuffs.     Glass, glass, glass - Glass is so gorgeous and is a perfect companion for a bimbo. Not to mention it doesn't cost much more than rubber toys and lasts much longer. Glass is my go to when it comes to ******. Here are some I like.   Rose probe - Nothing says "I love you" like a rose...........that can be shoved into your *******.   Pink massager - Another gem by icicles.   Pink massager with ring - This item is great for age play, as it kind of looks like a pacifier. Made by fresh.*****-Borosilicate-Ringed-Rattler/dp/B003AILTMC/ref=sr_1_5?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1314639259&sr=1-5   Heart ***** - I love this toy. It's nice and skinny. I won't let my sub put anything thicker than my **** up her *****, as I don't want it stretched out. Big toys go in the ***, so this slim ***** is perfect for her to use in combination with her bullet.   Rotating glass butt plug - Stick it in her *** and wind it up til she ****. Gives you a nice shot of her insides too.   Small black glass buttplug - This small glass plug from the sasha grey line is awesome and can be worn in public but the base is a bit large.   Waxplay - You can always find some nice brightly colored candles, that are fun and look great when her body is covered in brightly colored wax. Just pick some colors you like and go to town.   Suction cup ***** - Turn pretty much anything smooth into a fuckable object, from floors, to showers, to chair, even the toilet seat for you especially filthy *****. There are a number of different styles available.   Inflatable pink hotseat - This is a fun piece of "funiture". Get a foot stool and put this on top and have it be your bimbos seat at her vanity while she applies makeup. Has wired remote for vibration.   Iride - Great toy for your bimbo to play with when you are occupied. Also helps her ride better on top.   Hitachi magic wand - Great for forced *******!   Girl on Girl toys   Pink strapless strap on - For when your bimbo brings home play toys, she can have a pretty pink **** all her own to **** them with. There are lots of these kinds of strap ons on the market. Feeldoe makes a life like version and another red version.   Feeldoe -   Realdoe -   Pink glass double dong -   Burning Angel angel wings -     Final word : Bimbofication is not easy. What I have detailed only scratches the surface, and there are an infinite amount of possibilites. There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY to bimbofy yourself, so I tried to stay away from specifics and give the most general tips I could. I think these tips are pretty universal and should pretty much give everyone a good base to start from. 
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