I want like a good touching session. I want to be carressed and rubbed until i explode. no little poke or squeeze like my husband likes to do. i want the whole shabang like i give him. i want to be taken care of for once! is that too much to ask. for him it is.

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No , I feel the same way . If you were here , we could give it to each other . But such is reality

I'm so sorry you feel bad like this, it describes my first marriage. I wanted to be held and touched and nothing. There is nothing like a wonderful evening of good music, a little dancing , wine, and intimacy. Just the entire evening devoted to each other. I hope it gets better for you.

its so crazy. last night he had this old reggea cd that i have been asking him to get forever. he put it on and we were dancing up a storm. and then we slow wined real nice to a hot song. when i tell you i almost cried at how good it felt to be dancing slow and be so intimate. its crazy, i dont think i ask for much at all. and it hurts even worse to know that he knows how to make me feel this way, he knows just what to do, but just wont bring his lazy *** to do it. sigh!

For some reason there seems to be a lot of spouses that have intimacy issues. We need to take all the people that like intimacy and put them together and then leave the other ones that dont to figure it out for themselves. <br />
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We need to be like Dr. Seuss' snitches. Those that like affection wil have stars on thars and those that dont won't. ;) LOL