I Crave It!

I listened to a "how to stengthen your relationship" CD once and I learned something very important about myself. In it the author spoke how everyone has a love language and if you know yours then it is easier to use it to strengthen a relationship. As he listed them Gifts, talk, touch, etc.... I knew instantly that mine was touch. He said that a person who's love language is touch shows love by touching and in return feels love by touch. It is very hard when your partners love language is not the same or in my case has a problem with touch or intimacy. I CRAVE touch. I love having skin on skin contact and I love touching and being touched everywhere.

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Me too

Thank you for your kind words. My wife and I are the best of friends which makes the situation better but not perfect. I have joined the group you are talking about and maybe I will post my experience over there sometime soon. <br />
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Yes, I've listened to Dr. Dobson's talks on the radio and familiar with him. I can't imagine the stress you are experiencing ... as a woman ... I thought all men wanted to touch and be touched .. my father told me that all men were animals .. and I was surprised when my husband started turning me down when we were first married ... we were virgins ... don't laugh .. it was a long time ago ... and how stupid the whole set-up was, the wedding, mindset of being Roman Catholic ... a long story.<BR>You might want to state your story in "I Live in a Sexless Marriage" Experience Page ... there are many members on that page and most of them are honest and empathatic. They come from all countries and all age groups ... you will find that this is not that unusual to have a non-sexual, touching, relationship with your spouse.... It's a sad commentary, however, there is a lot of support and understanding for our reality.<BR>I know you have 6 children who depend on you and that makes your situation even more painful to me. The children need a healthy mom and dad and a loving couple to emulate in their futures. You are suffering in silence and children read our emotions better and more frequent than the dumb adults around us. <BR>I have three grandchildren who absolutely pick-up on my sadness with my husband and draw me pictures and write me stories to express their love.<BR>If I can help, by talking, or listening, please know that I am not a predator ... especially since you state you are in law enforcement ... and have placed my faith in The Holy Spirit to guide me through this life. My no touch marriage has gone to the 40 mark and I am in panic mode ... wanting a normal loving man before they wheel me into the home ............<BR>Blessings and Hugs(Reflections3)

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The CD's are called "Love for a lifetime" by Dr. James Dobson. <br />
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Unfortunately I am in a situation where 6 little ones depend greatly on me and leaving my spouse would greatly effect their lives. I take it day by day and try to enjoy whatever touch my wife will give me.

Your story is interesting to me since I have always needed to be touched .. just on the arm, or have my hand held, or on the face. I am active on sexless marriage experiences ... where a lot of people are with spouses that don't like to be touched. This is a huge problem as years go by. You are young and have a lifetime ahead of you. Don't accept a relationship where a mate doesn't want to touch or be touched .. they never change... I am going to look for that CD you spoke about ... maybe I can learn to understand more about this topic.<BR>It is a heartache to love someone and not have them want to touch you... My husband has taken my hand and removed it from his arm ... not wanting to be touched... as humans we all crave touch ... whether sexually or just a form of friendship.<BR>Blessings to you,<BR>Reflections3