My Uncle And His Dog

My Uncle and his dog (As told by Theresa) written by Don Juan Quixote

Here is a something I shared with a friend…It happened last week

Well I ****** uncle a week ago I had just got out of the shower and was walking around the naked…My hubby let him in when he went to work…Well I walk in and saw him, and when I went to give him a hug, he hugged me back, but he put his hands on my ***…Then, he pulled me closer and squeezed my ***…He french kissed me as he rubbed my *** and back, and then he picked me up and sat me on the couch.

He put my hands on his zipper…I guided the zipper down, and he slide his pants and under ware down. He picked up his **** and put the head of his **** against my lips…I took his **** in my mouth and sucked him. Then, he took off his shirt and said “You dirty ****! I’m going to **** the **** out of you!” Then, he pulled his **** out and said “Take me to your bed *****!”

He was behind me and he bent me over and grabbed my hair…Then, he said “You’re a bad gurl! You need your *** hole ******!” he slide his **** into my ***…And he pounded it hard saying “You dirty *****! Why didn’t you give me your ***** growing up?” The whole time he was reaming my *** hole hard…Then he said “You know girls were put on this earth to **** us guys, right?” I said “Yes, I know uncle…I’m sorry…I’ll make it up to you from now on!”

Then he said “After tonight *****, you will submit to me every time I ask for it. Is that understood?” I said “Yes, Uncle.” Then he came in my ***…I could feel my uncle’s hot sticky goo shooting up my ***, and it felt sooooo good! He said “You ****! You think I’m done with you? I said “No uncle…” not knowing what he had in mind for me…He said “You’re damn rite you ****! Now roll over!” I said “Yes, Uncle…I’ll do whatever you say…”

Then, he climbed on top of me, grabbed my legs, spread them apart…And came down on me as his **** entered my *****, he said “***** you owe me some babies you *****!” He was slamming me hard and fast…and it felt so good! Then suddenly, he exploded in me…And I felt his hot *** shooting into my *****…And I came with him…

Then, kissed me and he slid down to my *******… He bit the nipple of my left ***, pulling on it a little, then he sucked it into his mouth…After that, he kissed me as his other hand was squeezing my other ***… He said “Now for your punishment girl! Get on your knees!” So, I got on my knees and he spread my *** with this liquid…(Later, I found out it was dog **** from a dog in heat.)

He spread it all over my *****…And then, he opened the door called his rottweiller in…He told the dog “Sam…**** the *****!” The dog first smelled me, and I squirmed a little bit in my excitement…My uncle said “Don’t move *****! It will make worse!” So I didn’t move…The dog then licked my *****, and it felt so good I had to concentrate not to move…

Then my Uncle’s dog mounted me…My Uncle said he was breeding dog, and I was giving him some practice breeding a *****…Meanwhile the dog was thrusting away at my wet, *** filled *****…The dog was thrusting and thrusting until I thought I would come on his ****…

The tip of his **** started hitting my ****, and my uncle said “Does it feel good so far, *****? I want to see a smile as you answer.” So I smiled, and said “Yes uncle, I love it, I love having your dog **** me like a ***** in heat!” It was about five minutes of his **** ******* me before I felt his knot pushing up against my *****. My uncle said ”You are about to receive his knot you *****!”

“As he goes in you can scream for joy” he roared. Then my ***** opened up, taking his huge knot like the size of a man’s fist… So I screamed “Push baby! I want all that hot *** in me!” My Uncle asked “So how many puppies do you want, *****?” I said “I want 6 puppies! A full litter!” And then, I felt the dog spray my ***** with his ***…Then the dog tried to get off me, but we were stuck together *** to ***…My uncle laughed out loud “You dirty ****! I bet you truly loved that, didn’t you?” “Oh yes uncle, I did!” I gushed. He said “What was your favorite part so far? Taking his knot or being stuck to his ***?” “Both…” I choked out…

The dog got up walked away, and my uncle put a collar around my neck…He put a towel under my ***… Then my Uncle said “Get up on your knees, but keep your *** over the towel.” Then, my ***** opened up and the dog’s *** came dripping out onto the towel…

Then, my Uncle made me walk on my hands and knees to the kitchen…He put dish of food on the floor. “Eat it *****!” he demanded. I couldn’t use my hands…It was can of dog food in one dish for me, and one for his dog… My Uncle said i had to eat it all up…Then he said I could drink water afterwards. After I was finished, he made promise to do what he says from this day forward…And I said “Yes Uncle.”

Then, he said “Go take another shower and get into a slutty outfit with makeup on.” I asked why, but all he said we were going out clubbing… I was so sore but my night wasn’t over by a long shot…

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That was one ******* hot story!