Patricias Love

i would be there for you as your woman i would be clean shaven on my whole body to feel smooth and sexy for you and before you got home i would dress just for you thigh high black stocking black paintes black bra and full black slip then a super sexy red blouse with a black strech skirt so when you walked in the door you would be turned on right away the first thing i would do is drop to my kness and open your pants expossing your wonderful **** which i would take in my mouth untill you were nice and hard then you would gently roll me over exposing my awaiting hole as the head of your rock hard **** presses against my opening i grown but as you go further i moan in joy as i feel your hard **** inside me gliding in and out i feel my self ******* over and over again as a woman just as i always felt i was.the thought and feel of being treated as someones girlfreind is heaven
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56-60, M
Jul 12, 2010