I Would Love A Real Adult Sissy Baby To Adopt

Hello Friends,

I would love to meet an adult sissy baby that wants to live the biggest part of their lives as a baby. I have been on a quest for such a relationship. The problem seems to be that although it would be wonderful to be able to treat you as a baby 100% of the time I think it would be nearly impossible to make happen. Here in lies the problem.
For the most part adult babies who want to do this all the time want what they want and have little regard for the Daddy/Mommy/Sitter or whatever may be the case.
I myself am a very limited adult baby or diaper lover. I have went out on a limb and met several adult babies that professed they wanted to be treated as such, but when you put it into practice they were way to far one way or the other.
Reality says that there will be boundaries in this type of relationship. We as adult must adherer to the real world laws and somewhat to social standards. I would think that it would be most obvious to the practical mind. That said, many are far the other way. They say they want this type of relationship and will not even leave the house in thick diapers. I wear diapers almost 24/7 and have had not one bad experience as a result. But I am 100% respectful of other people and they tend to treat me in kind.
I will attempt to explain what I am looking for in an ADULT SISSY BABY relationship. Maybe I am being unrealistic myself. If you think i am please respond. I am a student of life. i can and do make mistakes in judgement and in life. But I try to learn from my mistakes and change the behavior that led me to make the mistake in the first place. I am human. Here follows the explination of the type of relationship for which I am seeking as I have posted in several places.


I am a gay 44 year old adult sissy baby that loves to wear diapers. I am looking for a real adult sissy baby that is not afraid of who they are. I would love to have a adult sissy baby to take care of. Hopefully to have one live with me one day. As much as I am a sissy myself, I love to care for other sissy babies.
I would love to be able to make a sissy's dreams *** true. I am talking about a real sissy baby. In diapers 24/7 that they are with me. At work too if they want. Changing a sissy's diapers has never bothered me.
I of course live in the real world and we would have to act accordingly. But there is no laws against wearing diapers or dressing in sissy style clothing. I am talking about a real world relationship.
If you are not a real sissy and are just looking to get off for a second then please do not respond to this post. That is not what this is about. It is about a real relationship with 100% real people. I am not into pain or anything to break the law. Although I am a bit of a sissy myself, I appear to be very masculine. How you look or your age is not so important as your being a real adult sissy baby.
Could you or would you still be expected to interact in the real world? Work? Of course. You would still go to work and such, but when you get home you would be a sissy baby. I am also not talking about you sitting in front of the television all night watching Barney. You would be an adult baby. That infers that you would still be living in the very adult real world. You could still have friends and interest outside of the relationship, but it would probably be hard to hide the fact that you wear diapers and are cared for as a sissy. But the person I am looking for would love this.
Some of the things you could expect are as follow:
**Real love and acceptance.
**Real respect.
**Diapers to be used.
**Diaper changes when you need it.
**Some humiliation (Public and Private) nothing illegal.
**Wearing very sissyish clothing.
**Some toddler style clothes.
**Diapers that are very hard to hide.
**Loss of false modesty.
**Some exposure as a sissy.
**Bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and other baby items.
**Carry a real diaper bag,
**Maybe some baby furniture.
**Oral sex from me.
**Mutual ************.
As far as sex goes. I love to suck ****. What you like could be worked with, as long as I get to give you oral sex sometimes. (I have to get something out of the deal...LOL)
Many other things can be explored.
My family and most of my friends know that I am adult sissy baby diaper wearer. Nobody I have found really cares as long as you are clean.
For real! I believe that most people are as comfortable with you as you are with yourself. I am just looking to spend all of my time with an adult baby that does not want to quit being a sissy baby after they get off, I am talking about a lifestyle. If this isn't for you that is cool too. I just want to be very up front with what I am looking for in a relationship.
Some of the things I am not into are:
-Heavy pain
-Brutality of any kind
-Mean people
-People who don't live in the real world

This is by no means a etched in stone. I am flexible on some issues, but you get the idea.
mikesissy mikesissy
51-55, M
20 Responses Apr 21, 2011

So did you ever find you ab? Are you still looking? If no and yes; where are you (city/state.)

i want a mommmy

If you're still interested, I am Stephen 20 y/o and would enjoy being diapered and humiliated. Completley open to 24/7 diapering, for real, hate drama, looking for the right guy

Hi my name is Patrick I m a sissy and I am 42 I want to live as a baby girl I love to be feed from a bottle and wearing diaper I would love you to Adopt me I'm for real no game no drama

Hello Patty Baby. I would love to get to know you better.

I'd be up to at least give it a shot. I'm pretty open. Hmu if you're still looking at Bobguy114@Gmail.com

I would love to live 24/7 as a sissy baby. It would be a dream come true.

If you are still looking. I might be who you are looking for. Would love to talk about it.

If your still looking I'd love to do that for you.

Are you still looking? I am who you are looking for:-) stephenie91301@yahoo.com

I have been away for a while. I must admit that I get frustrated with the amount of people who just want to ********** to emails I send them and then give me one or two word responses. Life gets busy also. I am still looking though.

I'm a sissy boy/baby and I'm very interested.

This is something I know I'd love to do. It's just really difficult to find these kinds of relationships. Diapers at work would be really tough to pull off for me. I think I lack the courage to go 24/7 even though it's a dream of mine. Send me a message if you want to talk ^^.

I've looked and hoped for a mommy for this sissy baby boy all my life,and still do not have one, and most likely never will, as women really don't like to play mommy and sissy baby games all that much. But one can always wish.

I am an AB sissy, every thing yousay makes sence. Contact robin at robinlove34@ gmail.com .let's talk.

I am an adult sissy baby boy. I would love to be your baby. Lets talk

Hi, I am a real time sissy baby and have been looking for a daddy for some time. Most only want sex and not care for me as the sissy baby i am. I am very interested in discussing more about me being your full time sissy bay

I don't think you could have been any clearer, sweetie. Excellent job of getting your message across. I know you will find what you want someday. But in the meantime I hope you're enjoying life just the way things are. I understand the passion, and the lostness one can feel when they don't seem to have the right mate. But stay positive! You have the right idea, I think.

im 18 and i would love to your sissy baby. ik im young but iv always wanted to be a sissy baby. if you wanna talk message me and il give you my personal email.

I would be very interested i am in the CA bay area

Hi will you still like to have an a littel girl or boy i am a littel cut boy her you get my mail martinjensen20@hotmail.com

Hi will you still like to have an a littel girl or boy i am a littel cut boy