I am 12 years old and I want to be treated like a baby.
Cuold someone tell me what to do? Please?
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

how are you doing this am?? Have you wet your bed yet???I know you want to be treated like a baby. A baby wets him self that is why you need diapers...You have to do this so mom will take care of you!!!! let me know binkeyboy

did you wet the bed last night???? You did not??? How do you thing you are going to be a baby if you dont do what you are supossed to do!!! Lets get going I want you to wet you pants today and let me know how that works?? Ok binkeyboy

you need someone to start the ball rolling with this problem. The only way you are going to start is you need to have an accident while in bed..Wet the bed real good so mom gets a little mad..Then you will say You dont know it just comes out.. Sooner or later she will take you to the doctor. He will run the tests an say this is normal at this age and it will go away. He will sat I would put him in diapers till it stops. After this you will make a poop a few times in your diaper. Now you are big time start acting like you are 8 yrs old. Wetting and makeing more work for mom and you will soon be diapered 24/7 and you will be happy.. You might even get some binkeys to suck on and some bottles to drink. Now you are on the way to be treated to be a baby???? binkeyboy

well you could teach yourself to wet your bed or you clothing and your parents may go buy some and put you in to diapers. Your are only 12 so you dont have any money?? u

thanks i will try it.