Im A Baby

I grew up with a problem so I was only in diapers i never used the toilet. wen I was at families hous I was only in diapers my famly wold take care of me and treat me like a baby. my aunts espesuly loved babying me thea allwase tride to finde new wase to treat me like a baby and i loved it one day my mom found a day care that took care of yung children and put me in it she toled them about me and I was then put in a nursery if I was out of the nurshry I was put in a play pin with a tite ouinzy on that shode that I was wearing a diaper I was cheked and changed twise a day and I was never dry or clean. I remember one time wen my frend from school came over he liked being babyed to so we wolde stay up and poop and pee ouselves together hed wake up and start to pee I colde hear him peeing so I did it as well then I felt some poop coming so I squoted and forced it out he colde see the bulge come out we then went to bed and wated for my mom to change us in the morning. the day care was full of 3 to 5 year oldes and I was the only one in diapers (I was 13) I was keped in a nursery were one worker was assined and took care of me. I soon grew used to it the day care even asked my mom if they cold keep me in nothing but diapers to make changing easer she agreed and so now wen I go I'm brot to the nurshery and my close are taken off I'm put in my krib and given a passifire I spend moste of my day in my crib exceped for changing time. one easter my mom disited to dress me up. she got a special outfit that shode off my diaper as clear as day she gave me a pasifire that looked like a caret and bunny ears she put on my head she then stood back and admired her work. I was also fond of holding my poop and pee and leting it slip out like a accident i love being a baby. I.m 19 and i'm still a baby wen I get back from my diaper school my mom takes my close off and leaves me in my diaper wich is also custimised to look babyish I'm fed baby food and milk from a bodle by my mom some times my mom pors food on my body as a joke so i'm realy a baby

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All of you diaper freaks ~stop this disgusting madness ~~it sound like you were neglected and probably sexually abused or touch in an appropriate way - I am sorry for you but listen that was in the past you have to get over it !now you ARE GROWM adults c'mon who do you thing you fooling ~you just letting another pervert keep touching you and letting yourself go down to hell ~~the devil is laughing at you all and he will be sticking you butt with his fork and I bet you dontwant that EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ~~STOP IT IT IS NASTY AND PERVERTED ~~~EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


No excuse for your run-on sentances and **** poor spelling!

can i join you what is the day cares name

that would be great but I have a older sister she is 2years older but 4ft taller so she changes my diapers and takes care of me to

can she take are of me too please

want a baby brother?