Princess In Progress

Well let's see. I'm single and I sleep in a princess bed. I usually sleep in the middle of my princess bed. I have black iron scolled princess bed which sit's up high and I have to climb up into it. I'ts full of soft high thread count cotton sheets, very soft velour blanket and a wonderful comforter to keep me warm. Along with lots of down pillows for which to rest my beautiful princess head. I love to read in my princess bed,write in my journal or sometimes talk on the phone until I'm sleepy and fall asleep. I will wear silky clothing as well like my teddies, shorty gowns or sometimes just a tank top and underwear. I don't disrespect my bed or my princess status by going to bed dirty. Always shower no matter how tired I might be. I am a self appointed princess and treat myself to guilty pleasures. Someday I hope to meet the right person in which to share my royal self and my princess bed. I've kissed a lot of frogs and toads in my life. So if any women read this, remember you are a princess even if only in your own mind. Treat yourself royally, pamper yourself, love yourself, take pride in your apperance and cleanliness. Treat your body with great respect and damand that of anyone whom you care to share yourself with. Sweet dreams to all of you princesses.....I think I might go by myself a little tiara to wear to bed tonight...
signed Princess Lala
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I cannot read your msgs so

pls add me on the application that starts with "K" misstoplease is my id


on the application that starts with "S"
msceline25 is my id

You sound soooooo perfect can you teach me to be like you I want to be a princess too but I don't have anyone who cares sadly