Spanked When My Sister's Friend Was At Our House

Someone mentioned embarrassment factor when kids got spanked and I have a lot of them to tell you. Here is one when my sister had a friend visiting.

"That was quite a spanking your mother gave your brother" my sister's friend commented as she and my sister walked past my bedroom door. "That's the usual way he gets spanked" was her reply. "Wow, but she used the hairbrush and he really cried a lot. My mother hand spankks my brother and only uses the hairbrush when he's been really bad." 

Sis went on "she started using the hairbrush on him last year when he burned a hole in the rug. Since then all his spankings have been with the hairbrush. But if you think that was bad you should be here when he gets the strap from my father. A few weeks ago he gave both of my brothers a good lickin' with the strap. You could hear them all over the neighborhood."

Earlier that evening the two girls came upstairs and I called out to my sister "is mommy still home or did she leave to go to her meeting?" The answer to that question was very critical to how I would fare for the remainder of that evening after being told at the supper table that I was going to get a spanking and get put to bed for the rest of the night. I was already for bed and had spent the past 20 minutes wondering when / if my mom would be coming up to follow through with the spanking since she had a meeting to go at church. Since it was summer I only wore a pair of boxer shorts and was laying in bed wondering if my hiney would get blistered tonight. 

"She's not leaving for anoher 15 minutes", my sister replied. She was 5 years older and would often be "in charge" when my parents were out for an evening. "She said she would be up in a minute to give you the hairbrush" as my heart sunk and that feeling of fear and anxiety set in even deeper. I whined to my sister "I don't like it when she gives me the hairbrush. I wish she would go back to using the ruler or the wooden spoon." My sister said "there's nothing I can do about that. You can discuss that with mommy. She's the boss."

It had been about a year since I got my first ever hairbrush spanking. Before that it had been the fly swatter but then she started using etiher the ruler or the wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer. They were awful. But then when I burned the hole in the living room rug was the first time she used the hairbrush and it was far worse than the ruler or the spoon. Since that time the two or three spankings I got were with the hairbrush across mommy's lap on my bare hiney. I longed for her to use the spoon or the ruler but as my sister pointed out, mommy was "the boss."

Two minutes later I heard mommy coming up the stairs and then the footsteps down to her bedroom and then back to my room. She told my sister and her friend that she wanted them to go downstairs for a few minutes. They passed by my door on their way downstairs and then mommy came in carrying the dreaded hairbrush. "Oh mommy" I pleaded, could you please spank me with the ruler or spoon instead of the hairbrush?" She was somewhat taken back when I said this, but I continued "that hairbrush really hurts my hiney!" as I began to whimper and cry a little.

Mommy looked at me and said "why do you think I use the hairbrush?" We looked at each other for a quick moment and she continued "when I spank you it's supposed to hurt. I'm glad to know that the hairbrush really hurts your hiney. That's exactly what I want it to do, and whenever I have to give you a spanking I will be using the hairbrush."

While that conversation was taking place, my boxers had been pulled down and since they were loose fitting actually fell off leaving me completely naked. I glanced over and saw that the door to my room was open realizing that my sister and her friend would be listening to my spanking. "You don't like the hairbrush?" mommy said, "well you're going to like it even less when I done with you, young man!" 

With the first smack of the hairbrush I let out a yell "OW MOMMY, STOP, I'LL BE GOOD" followed by wahhh, wahhh wahh, OWW , washhh.................... as she vigorously applied the hairbrush to my little hiney. She was a rapid spanker, dishing out 3-4 spanks per second. The entire spanking lasted about a minute but by the time it was over it felt like a blow torch had been used on me and I was yelling, screaming and bawling like a baby.

As she left the room she ordered, "now you stay in that bed for the rest of the night, unless you want another dose of the hairbrush when I get home!"
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Mmm, you had a very strict Mommy :)

Did your Mommy ever let your big sister have hairbrush privileges for when she was left "in charge", and if she did... did she ever use them?