My Maanu Cat

Like my before's story about my meenu, if dint read plz read that before u read this, i wrote my cute meenu, she passed away leaving her babies , and her sis caring her babies, sis name Maanu, she is also lost, yesterday i found her where i found meenu she came to me in a cute voice, she was thin weak and her all skin was dry, i gave her food and she is not there when morning i came out, i found nothing my home is quiet, she left the home because i shud not get bored of her, i love maanu, i miss her........... my catt

she was lost friday july 23 2010, now today i found out she left meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noooooooo
ilovemycatmeenu ilovemycatmeenu
Jul 24, 2010