How Can I Be True To Myself? Can Anyone Help Me?

I've endured so many pains and sacrifices just because I wanted people to accept and like me. I am afraid of so rejection and  I ended up not being who I really am. Its as though my life is based on what others might think of me. I've always have this imagination of what people might think of me just because I have this strange geeky obsession, or my personality, my kind of humor, things I like and etc. I'm so scared. I became very shy, meek, fragile, weak and sensitive. I envy people who are really loud, talkative and could express their inner self to others confidently. Whenever I see people I know I tend not to greet them and ended up being snobbish because I'm afraid that they won't see me or hear me or worse they forget me and I will end up embarrassing myself in front of other people. I even have a very low self esteem and get jealous of other people. I really really want to show people who I really am. I don't want to lie to them. I want to be true to myself. Its just that I don't know how to start it. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts because of this problem. I really really want help. I want to know how I can show to them what the real me is. Oh, please help mee? I don't want to end up being someone I'm not forever....
lollipopbrigade lollipopbrigade
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

i have those problems. Just like you, i have a very low self esteem, i'm very sensitive of what others might think of me.

i have all those same problems. I always try to be myself, but i end up getting scared of what their going to think. I can't even be myself in front of my bestfriend.