This Article (definition) Lends a Great Persective

James S. Coleman defined trust in 4 parts:

  1. Placement of trust allows actions that otherwise are not possible (i.e. trust allows actions to be conducted based on incomplete information on the case in hand).
  2. The person in whom trust is placed (trustee) is trustworthy, then the trustor will be better off than if he or she had not trusted. Conversely, if the trustee is not trustworthy, then the trustor will be worse off than if he or she had not trusted this is reminiscent of a classical prisoners dilemma.
  3. Trust is an action that involves a voluntary transfer of resources (physical, financial, intellectual, or temporal) from the truster to the trustee with no real commitment from the trustee, again prisoner's dilemma.
  4. A time lag exists between the extension of trust and the result of the trusting behavior.

Now for my take on this trust thing......

We as children born begin with the trust of our families. The stronger that bond the more we tend to "trust" those around us. The weaker that bond, it can be said that trust for those individuals is much harder to do.

But how do we take on trust in our life if we have nothing but hurt and fear lining the road of life? Its unfair to just expect trust be given. There is a direct correlation between being and acting trustworthy. There is a very vulnerable side to being the one who is doing the trusting, but it is vitally important in relationships both of friendship and love to see past what has happened and focus on what is to come. It is hard and very scary to trust when we have been hurt by trusting loved ones who in the end let us down.....but I believe a bigger question is how can we live a fulfilled life without taking chances, letting go and never giving up?

Take a hold of yourself and who you represent......allow those around you to understand that while we are all human and therefore are not perfect, know that you can and will be trustworthy with them. Otherwise aren't we just floating through life in a reality of nothingness?

MegJgeM MegJgeM
36-40, F
Mar 26, 2009