But You Don't Understand...

Ok, I am really mad. I wrote an enormous essay/story posted and the site crashes on me. What a bad day I am having.

So in a nut shell:

47kg =

Why do I want to be like that? Why?

I'll try repost my memory when I finish running away.


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that seems very low. I am quite a bit taller than you (5'4''),but I weigh 96 pounds (43 kgs)<br />
i would like to get down to around 40 kgs. <br />
29kgs is 63 pounds, which is well under any healthy weight. <br />
even at my weight I am well under healthy weight (16.5 bmi) and at my goal weight i will be around a 15.4 bmi. <br />
at your goal weight, you will have a bmi of 14.1. Even though 14.1 and 15.5 aren't that far away... 63 pounds seems so little. I guess when I was your height, I weighed around there too so...

I understand you want to be 30kg? Girl I have something to tell you I'm 5,6 ft tall and 60kg, that makes my Body mass index exactly perfect, not over weight not underweight, but the perfect healthy size for my height. In all my medical experience I can tell you unless your only 4ft tall you have serious problems. Be happy with who you are, none of us are meant to be the kind of perfect we expect of ourselves. It's just that unrealistic. Do yourself a favor: gain weight to whats considered medically healthy and you will be healthy which in turn will make you feel good and with that confidence you will look good also.

I think you look rather pretty either way. Its your body, do as you wish with it.

I think a lot of people have been reacting to the thirty kilogram *number*. I must confess, it sounded very unhealthy to me when I first read it as well.<br />
<br />
Looking at your pictures, however, it would seem that you have a very small fr<x>ame. Whilst you are still very attractive at your current weight of 37kg, it seems likely to me that you could be low thirties and still be healthy.<br />
<br />
Weight itself is probably not a very good way for you to assess things however - percent body fat is much a better guide and will allow you to stay healthy, but lean, and hopefully avoid criticism from people not aware of your individual body type. It is also probably a better guide for your goals, as well.

Alright then, I'll make it clearer next time.

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