No Molten Lava For Me, Thank You!

the seas and oceans have a floor.  the floor being part of the oceans and seas.  therefore i do not wish to be "under the sea" but i DO wish, however, to be in the sea.

pardon my sarcasm ... hehe 

in all seriousness ... i love bodies of water.  the bigger they are, the better they are in my book!  the underwater life is amazing.  there are countless sea creatures that have yet to be discovered.  many have been discovered with advanced technology and we've yet to name them.  they are incredible!  the adaptations their bodies have made and gone through in order to survive at the different depths of the ocean.  WOW!  blows my mind.

i've always been very fond of water.  as a child i thought i was a mermaid.  i had dreams of being able to breathe under water.  to this day i'm fairly certain i can take a short breath while submerged without the fear of drowning.  but i do mean a SMALL and extremely LIMITED breath and only ONE!  lol

i'd love to dwell in the deep blue for the rest of my days.  not that i believe in it, but if reincarnation is a real deal ... i hope to come back as a whale or shark.  i'd say dolphin but with all the tuna net problems ... no thanks.  perhaps if reincarnation is real ... maybe i was a sea creature in a past life and maybe that's why i have this great love of water.

my love of the ocean/sea is so deep and so much a part of me that i had an oceanic scene tattooed on my ankle.  i have a seahorse, a couple fish, lots of kelp and coral, sea hearts, sand dollars, etc.  it's beautiful. 

in essence my love of the sea runs as deep as the seas themselves.


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swim deep, fishy one.