yea im out there !come go with!! i got lots of issues, quirks, desires, and dreams, sometimes i think  theres no category for  me. haha!! i been around long enough to be able to discern most people. im guarded and on the other hand i;m in your face! whats wrong with being an intense woman?ive found a man that can comprehend my realiizations, and not judge me as a lunatic. ive had the"perfect life"..but that when i was blind in love and naieve., i dont regret that life and it added a facet to me that is valuable.i  have  something that hinders my life expression...nothing like sexuality, some dark sin or coulda woulda shouldas....i definety have a dark side--should i let her out?  ok im here at this experience project, hey i got an experience and project goin on my damn self! talk to me...

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May all your dreams come true. To hell with those who don't get you. You are human and that makes you special. Take care

what other people think of you is none of your business.....if only i could believe that myself, but i'm working on it.....X

I believe I can relate to you I always asked myself I'm still hehe or why.

Me too!!!

cool story! love it.

I think you should just be yourself, and if anyone don't like it, then they should look for friend some other place. People grow by the day and self growth is the most important. Don't change for anyone there are people out there that will appreciate who you are. And being different is unique.

I am out there one minute shy conservative. next I'm loud and outspoken. I am a chamelion I change all the time working on me. I know one thing I like me.

That is cool! I should hate you according to everything we are told!Like you I also am self-actualized. You are an inspiration for other women. Share some more.