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Seek To Understand Yourself Before Being Understood

It has always been my desire to be understood. However only recently I have learned that for others to understand you, you have to understand yourself first! I spend a lot of time reflecting now, on my thoughts, emotions and actions, trying to understand my motives. I feel that to understand myself means I can communicate these reflections to others in a more constructive way, to help them understand. I do feel 'different' to others, and have trouble fitting in. Again this used to bother me - I thought I was doing something wrong. But I discovered that how people reacted to me was entirely a result of my own actions - whether it be my introversion or unwillingness to trust others and open up.
I still yearn to be understood by just one person, But I'm lucky enough to have a small handful of people in my life who each understand different aspects of me, which collectively equals my entire being.
My advice is to keep searching your soul to discover who you are and why you are awesome.
crystalclear85 crystalclear85 26-30, F 6 Responses Jul 14, 2010

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Well said.

I applaud you on gaining such wisdom at such a young age !

This is really helpful, I feel the same. Thanks for posting it :) x

I never thought of this before but maybe you are right. I should try to understand myself first. Thanks. You really inspired me.

I absolutly love your clarity with writing about yourself and I can only aspire to who you are sweetheart , I am 65 now and always it's meant more to me as well that I understand myself. I am about to write a story and I hope you will read it and comment. It's called "The World of sofican" sofican , Thank you!

I can totally relate to that feeling. I found the same wisdom and still learning. All the best to your journey and thanks for sharing this. :-)