Can Anyone Hear Me?

Im Courtney and new so this will not be that great. I just feel like people are walking by me and around me and I'm screaming out to them but for some reason no one can hear me. And I'm just begging to be heard, to be understood by anyone. But even my closest friends and family don't understand me. I know this sounds like just a normal teenager whining but I seriously feel this. I used to cut myself. And when my parents found out they never asked why. They just asked how and when and then screamed at me for a long time. Well, the reason why is because I just wanted someone to notice. I wore tanktops at home and short sleeves to see if anyone really saw me. But no one noticed until many months later. I knew then that no one really saw me. That no one understood me. That I was alone. But now I see that others feel the way i do. And that makes it it more bearable :)
looking4angels23 looking4angels23
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Living life day in and day out lost, alone and feeling invisible can leave you depressed and desperate to seek attention. I understand this completely. All my life I have felt as though no one around me saw me for who I am if they even saw me at all. Please believe me when I say this: One day someone will see you, they will see the real you, the one you so desperatly need to be accepted and they will accept you and love you. I cannot say when or how, just know it will happen. When that time comes, embrace it and don't let it go. Until then, know you are not alone, there are many of us out there that feel the same way. *hugs*