On January 21 2000 a handsome young man came to take out my almost 18 year old youngest daughter. I was wary of this since she had "met" him on line via a chat room! I being a city girl made her carry a small concealed knife if she needed to use it to defend herself! Boy was I wrong about "Adam"! He was the sweetest most gentle soul I have ever had the honor to know. He quickly became a member of our family, in fact he was the son I never had, & I called him "my little [ at 6 ft tall] tech no geek".
No matter when you saw Adam he had a smile on his face in fact my daughter told me the last item Adam wore before he left his home was his smile!
For nine wonderful years Adam enjoyed my egg nog, it became a running gag with he & I if I [ Mom to him] did not bring my home made egg nog to his home between Thanksgiving & Christmas I was not allowed in the house!
Adam was born with a congenital heart defect, he never let on how ill he was until almost the very end, in fact he worked the day he died, he came home to my daughter and yelled "babe" she heard him downstairs making noises , she ran to him calling 911 on the way & tried to give him CPR, but he did not make it, it was 9 years to the day that he slipped away.
Adam Bradley Schicht, he was 33 we have an American Heart Association web page for his honor at the American Heart Association's web site title "Honoring Adam Schicht.

We miss him we love him always, & I refuse to make egg nog until I see him again! 
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Thanks for your sweet comment sometime soon I will post the eulogy I wrote for Adam I cried my heart out as I read it out loud to a packed chapel at his funeral service, my dear sweet son by another Mother & Father! Again, Thanks Myfallenlove!

That is a beautiful story.<br />
Boy, I'm tearing up.<br />
Thank you for sharing it!<br />
You story has made me realize to value the little things in life.