It's Called Love


Getting lost in a world
that only exists in your mind.
Being a first grader in college,
writing their name endlessly in a notebook
Combining your first name with their last
I find myself living in a dream,
Not wanting to wake up.

A wish or desire to know something
To know if they feels the same way,
To hope that the daydreams I am having,
may someday be my reality.
To question if your heart can stand skipping a beat,
every time you think of them.
I find myself living in wonder,
Wanting everything to be real.

Soul mate
They turn the light on when I am in the dark

I don’t mean sisterly or brotherly love,
This is real love.
The kind of Love that keeps you up at night,
and makes you want to be a better person.
My heart pounds whenever I speak or think their name,
This love looks like tunnel vision,
where the only person I see is them.
They are my Love.
I have found it, them
And all that I thought I knew, has changed
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Aug 19, 2011