Understand Me

I simply want to bone every chick that has a sad existence.........All of your problems can be solved by my dong
Buddyroe360 Buddyroe360
26-30, M
4 Responses Feb 18, 2012

Here here. Random sex solves all problems.. Except perhaps STD transmission and pregnancy.


Nah, I'm just a bored trolly jackass........Killing time at work until my lunch shows up.

I hope that nothing happens to you that may cause you to feel the same way as other women that you are looking for. Try not to be so proud or boast about yourself. one day you may find yourself in the position and would want empathy from others. Not being a hater here. But by your comment, you sound like a young pesron who hasnt experienced alot of life's up and downs. It may just catch you by surprise one day.